Behind The Scenes

Fruitfull: the Wonderfruit of Food

12 October 2020 | Wonderfruit

We love food. That’s not exactly an unusual statement. But when we consider food, we like to learn to pay close attention to the entire story of every dish—the people involved in planting, growing, supplying, and creating our food; the history of ingredients and the cultural ties to a region; the ways cooking and dining connect us to each other and our world. We love the edible stories that food can represent.



This was the idea that took us from Wonder Feasts in The Fields all the way to launching Fruitfull, our new platform for food—part of the growing Wonderfruit universe.



Fruitfull exists to improve our relationship with food, to create a more meaningful understanding of the whole story. It’s about giving back to the land as we have taken from it. 



Fruitfull is a food storytelling platform. We use this medium to engage, excite and create a sense of wonder for how food can be used to make us more mindful human beings. 



Fruitfull shares the same ethos as Wonderfruit, and uses creativity to focus on sustainable ecology. With Fruitfull, we design experiences to encourage action beyond eating, highlighting how all things are connected in fun, deconstructed, experimental ways. 



This all began during the great confinement of 2020, a time when connection was essential but sometimes felt impossible. Our first event series, Fruitfull Lockdown, was the best way we could think to bring people together across the social distance to connect in one of the oldest formats we know: eating together. Without the ability to physically meet at the table, we created a virtual dining room where chefs, diners, entertainers and experts could all share a meal online.



Now, we’re going offline (with a little bit of virtual activity, too).


For our first in-person event, we’re bringing the Fruitfull ideas, chefs, flavors, and sustainable ethos to the iconic surrounds of Jim Thompson House Museum in the middle of Bangkok.



This is an opportunity to taste some amazing food—of course. But beyond that, it’s a weekend-long celebration of the less obvious aspects of our food system. Aspects like sustainable farming, endangered recipes, regional flavors, zero-waste cooking, or creating new future cuisines. It’s two days and nights sure to satisfy tastebuds, slake thirsts, and inspire wonder—without having a negative impact on the environment.



For everything you need to know about Fruitfull at Jim Thompson House Museum, click here.