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Where did you get your tickets to Wonderfruit 2019?

8 November 2019 | Wonderfruit

We get it: Wonderfruit is a hot ticket. Just be careful where you’re clicking to snap yours up.


Heads up, Wonderers: we’ve noticed an influx of tickets being resold, and offered in places that aren’t our official channels.


Don’t forget, our website in partnership with Ticketmelon.com, and Festicket.com are the only places to find authorized tickets; Ticketmelon and Festicket are the only official third-party ticketing platforms for Wonderfruit 2019. 


Wonderfruit passes can’t be resold. This is a condition of sale when you buy your passes from Ticketmelon and Festicket.


Tickets from any other source will not be valid for entry to the festival. That means no reselling platforms, no Facebook groups, and no back-alley transactions. Yes, we see you. Wonderfruit reserves the right to refuse entry and we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on tickets purchased from unauthorized sellers. 


Here are some things you should know about Wonderfruit tickets:

  • There are no physical tickets for sale. If it’s printed, you can’t buy it—and you can’t use it to get in.
  • You will need photo ID to get through the gates. The name on the ticket has to match the name on the ID.
  • We have some friends and partners who are selling tickets via other platforms, like Rainforest Pavilion. If you aren’t sure, ask—we will steer you right.


If your tickets have been purchased from an unofficial channel, we suggest that you reconcile with the seller directly and repurchase your ticket through our channel to guarantee entry. We want you to have the best experience possible and having a valid ticket guarantees a stress-free start to an incredible journey.


Find out more about our ticket types and phases in this handy guide.