Get Ready To Get Your Hands Dirty With Workshops

9 October 2019 | Wonderfruit

Wonderfruit is already in the best shape of its life heading into December 2019, but we all know that everything can be improved. Before we share everything else that you Wonderers will be able to see, touch, feel and experience in The Fields, we want to prepare you for some of our nearest and dearest activities and moments. Just like our workshops, a fine chance to learn and explore something you never knew you could do.


We asked our Wonderfruit workshops coordinators, Mook and Bow, to share some sneak insights into what to expect, and why everyone should be paying close attention to our workshops.


WONDERPOST: How many workshops will there be at Wonderfruit 2019? 

MOOK AND BOW: There’ll be more than 30 workshops, plus even more for food, drinks, and wellness.


What is the programming direction? How are the practitioners and activities chosen? 

All of the activities are chosen based on the content of the workshop. We ask what will people learn, and what will they be taking away with them after the workshop—and most importantly, how does this fit with our sustainability ethos? All workshops are creatively-driven, and focus on learning by doing. There’s a variety of workshops ranging from local crafts, to material technology, to sessions focussed on skills for everyday life. We want to explore different ways of learning, and we work alongside professional practitioners to design activity programs, process and outputs to make sure it’s diverse and very hands-on. We want to break away from the traditional classroom format and present a more freeing, unrestricted, accessible, engaging, and enjoyable way of learning.


What is considered a workshop? 

At Wonderfruit, a workshop is anything that involves learning something through DIY and DIWO (Do It With Others). This could be new knowledge, new skills or traditional crafts, or a new awareness of creative social responsibility that applies to everyday life.




Name three workshops or activities that can’t be missed and why they will be so good: 

Shibari bondage workshop.

Sex and sexuality is still a relatively taboo topic in Thailand, especially when it is expressed in public. This is a chance to learn connection and expression through the Japanese art of rope bondage, in a safe and judgment-free environment. 

Living Village.

In our new venue, the “hand” will be filled with workshops in each finger, from Precious Plastic and Indorama Ventures’ Concept Lab to building and racing your own robot.

Camp Edible.

This is a continuation of the very popular workshops from last year with Chef Black. Discover food survival skills like fermentation and food alchemy in a series of creative workshops with tasty results: sauce making, kombucha brewing, food dyeing, and more. 


What about family programming, what are the highlights? 

We’ve got a pop up farm to get kids excited about growing their own veggies and discovering the source of their food. There are seed bomb making workshops. And there’s even a mudslide!  We have a few surprises for our family zone, Camp Wonder—we are going to create an area filled with adventurous and creative activities that families can enjoy, kids and adults together. 


Are they free? Paid? Bit of both? 

A little bit of both. You’ll be walking away with something from all these workshops. Activities in the kids and family area are mostly free, and the more hands-on, crafty workshops may have a small price to pay to cover materials, but we make sure that it is worth it.



Why should Wonderers give workshops a go? 

Because it’s a chance to learn something fun, crafty, and new. Get your hands and mind busy. Share your own skills and methods with others. Take away new skills that you can apply in everyday life. And meet new friends and mingle with others who have the same interest. 


Thanks, team.

Our full lineup of workshops will be dropping very soon, and you’ll be able to reserve your place in each activity. Hold tight.