Getting to and from Wonderfruit 2023

29 November 2023 | Wonderfruit

In this Wonderpost, you’ll find:


  • Driving directions
  • Maps
  • Shuttles
  • Parking lots
  • Gate opening times
  • Taxis


We are two weeks from the gates opening, and the planning checklist is getting shorter: accommodations booked, outfits planned, schedules made and just one final piece…transportation. We want to ensure you know where you’re going, how you’re getting there and what you should be doing once you arrive, so we made a guide to help you get to and from The Fields.


Before you dive deep into this guide, the most important thing to know is that to reduce traffic, reduce dust and keep access open for operations, including emergencies, we’ve radically overhauled entry points and access to Wonderfruit 2023. There’s more, so read this carefully, and know that if you miss it, it might make your entry to The Fields more difficult than it needs to be.


We’ve moved the entrance to Soi 5


The Fields are located at Siam Country Club, Soi 5, T. Pong,  A. Bang Lamung, Chon Buri, 20150.


We think it might be helpful to have the address in Thai, too: ซอย สยามคันทรี 5, ต.โป่ง, อ.บางละมุง , จ.ชลบุรี 20150

You can also search ‘Wonderfruit’ in Google Maps (the pin is here) and follow the directions all the way to The Fields.This year, you’ll enter on Siam Country soi 5 and exit on soi 3. Don’t try to enter on Soi 3 (you won’t make it). If that sounds confusing, get your bearings in advance by learning which way to go at the intersection here. Check the map below:


Important: if you’re heading to Boutique Camping or Slow Wonder, DO NOT GO TO THE MAIN ENTRANCE. Trust us, you don’t want to arrive there as you’ll have to carry your bags yourself, so save yourself the hassle. 


Shuttles to and from Wonderfruit


This year, we’re dedicated to creating a seamless experience for Wonderers getting to and from The Fields.


We’re introducing a new system and working with a dedicated shuttle partner. This also means that Shuttle Passes will be sold exclusively online and will not accommodate walk-ins, so we strongly recommend booking quickly. 


The system will work a bit like when you book a flight: Wonderers can pre-book their trips, thus guaranteeing a seat on a shuttle, and make changes to a booking up to three hours before departure.


The cost is THB 300 per trip.

Shuttle pick-up and drop-off points are located at all Official Partner Hotels, and there will be English-speaking guides on every shuttle to provide assistance.

Learn more about shuttles and book your trip here.


We’ve updated parking


In fact, we’ve done a whole overhaul to transportation in an effort to combat illegal taxis and solicitors (and the subsequent price gauging that was happening last year), to clear congestion, better control traffic and create a safe environment for drivers and pedestrians getting to and from their vehicles. In general, we just wanted to make parking easier for everyone.

Here’s what you need to know:

Firstly, each entry costs THB 250 if you pre-book a Parking Pass before 12 December. You can save a bit if you foresee coming and going a couple of times by picking up a bundle of four (4) passes with a 20% discount.

Pending availability, you’ll also be able to pay for parking on-site between 14–18 December for THB 350 per entry.


  • Only QR codes/PromptPay only are accepted on-site.
  • Credit cards are not accepted. Additionally, cash will not be accepted if paying upon arrival.
  • Those arriving without a Parking Pass risk being turned away if the lot is full.


Read more about why we’ve made these changes and how parking works in a Wonderpost.


Gate opening times


Wonderfruit is a 24-hour festival, but the Main Gate and Box Office are not. The Box Office is where you present your QR code and get an RFID wristband. This is also where registration happens for those who haven’t pre-registered their tickets, which we recommend doing now to help ease the queues.


To find the Box Office, just follow the flow of foot traffic when walking into The Fields from the parking and you’ll see signage above it. You can also find the Box Office on Google Maps. Once there, you’ll see lanes marked: General Admission, Guest List and Partners, The Pineapple Eyes, Media, Information and At Door.


Please observe openin hours for the Box Office and Main Gate and prepare accordingly, and know that if you arrive after midnight, you won’t be able to enter The Fields.  There are no exceptions for re-entry outside of the gate times below:


Thursday 14 December 16:00 – midnight

Friday 15 December 08:00 – midnight

Saturday 16 December 08:00 – midnight

Sunday 17 December 08:00 – midnight

Monday 18 December Not open for re-entry


*Note you will not be able to enter The Fields outside of these hours.


You will proceed to security screening once you pass through the Box Office. There will be four walk-through metal detectors, pat-downs and bag checks for weapons. From there, you’ll move on to access control, where your RFID wristband will be checked. From there, it’s onwards through the Main Gate and into The Fields. 

A couple more things you should know:

  • Your ID must be shown every time you enter The Fields. No exceptions.
  • After midnight, entry will not be permitted into The Fields. The gates will open again at 8am, except Monday. 
  • Weekend Pass holders can only enter from 8am on Saturday 16 December 2023. Entry between midnight and 8am will be denied.

Directions to Wonderfruit


From Chonburi-Pattaya Highway Route 7, take Route 36 east towards Rayong. After approximately 8 km, you will see a large blue sign for ‘Siam Country Club’ on the right-hand side; make a U-turn as soon as possible and turn left at the sign.


Pass Bira Go-Kart Circuit and at the roundabout, go straight towards “Siam Country Club Waterside” and follow the signs for ‘Wonderfruit’.


Follow appropriate parking signs to the Main Entrance, General Camping and Boutique Camping only to the south.



A reminder: don’t drink and drive


The safety of our Wonderers is paramount. Bottom line: don’t drink and drive, and don’t let anyone around you drink and drive. If you plan to let loose, plan ahead. If you have more drinks than you planned, leave your car in the parking lot and take a shuttle or taxi home. Easy peasy. We do not condone drunk driving and we want everyone to return home safe and sound.

There will be police checks on the roads to and from Wonderfruit. Police will be administering breathalyzers to check for drunk driving. Be kind to them; they’re only there to look out for you and other drivers.


Taxis to and from The Fields


This year, we have a designated taxi area where you can find cabs ready to take you home. Head to the Taxi Zone—to get there, turn left on the road after the Box Office—observe the queue and you’ll be directed to a fleet on standby with standardized rates. We ask that you avoid using rideshare apps, as the Taxi Zone will be able to accommodate those leaving The Fields. We also strongly recommend that you do not accept fares from unsolicited taxi drivers and travel in groups.


Find the exact location on Google Maps for pick-ups and drop-offs here.