Wonderfruit 101

Handy Hacks for Wonderfruit

We want you to have a good time in the field, so here are a few hints to make your Wonderfruit adventure easier and smoother:

Personalize your patch: whether you’re in boutique or general camping, it can be tricky to find your tent. So bring a flag or otherwise distinguishing decoration to help show you the way home.

Agree on a meeting point: chances are, you’re going to lose members of your group (or family), not to mention phone battery amid the fun, so pre-establish a place to reconnect. We suggest The Pavilion; it’s shady, easy to find and has power points where you can re-charge your gadgets while you wait for your squad. Alternatively, just make some new friends.

Shower in the middle of the day: avoid the queues in the morning, head out for some breakfast or a beer, go for a dip in the lake if you need to cool off, and come back to use the facilities when the rush has died down. By the time Saturday rolls around, everyone will be a bit stinky, so don’t worry too much about being super fresh first thing.

Take a disco nap: the revelry goes on well into the wee hours, especially for those who are seduced by the thumping allure of The Quarry so, in the daytime, seek out a hammock or hay bale or roll out your yoga mat under a shady tree and treat yourself to a little siesta.

Ignore ‘festival fashion’: ladies, no matter what the style blogs say, a jumpsuit – though it looks cute – is never a good idea. Just think about having to unbutton your entire outfit to go to the (porta)loo. Dress for convenience and jazz up your ensemble with handmade accessories from Wonder Salon.

Shine your light: keep a mini flashlight with you or sport a stylish a head torch; it’ll help you find your way down the forest path to The Quarry and save you from tripping over guy ropes when you’re trying to find your tent in the dark.

Story_Wonderfruit-101_Handy-Hacks-for-WonderfruitGet the app: the Wonder App will be packed with useful stuff like an interactive site map and a personalizable schedule to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

But first things first; do you still need a ticket or somewhere to stay? You’re in the right place. Meanwhile, do you have any other tips we might’ve missed?