Haoma’s Chef DK on Cooking For Wellness, and Helping Our Hospitality Workers

2 April 2020 | Wonderfruit

The global pandemic has forced governments and health authorities into action, taking decisive measure to limit or slow the spread of the novel coronavirus Covid-19. Everyone is adjusting. Social distancing, quarantine, isolation, curfews—there are all kinds of ways we are all being asked to help. 


When the cities shut down, life has to change—and for most people, everything is going to be based at home. Workouts, meetings, dinner dates, catch ups, and the routines we are used to leaving the house for now happen within the confines of home. It’s stressful, it’s confusing, and it is draining—all conditions that affect wellness, health, and susceptibility to diseases.


There’s an easy way to help yourself while we help each other: cook. If you can, cook at home and keep your nutrition at its peak.




Wonderfeast alumni and Bangkok-based chef Deepanker Khosla (known to most as DK) has always run his kitchen, Haoma, as a holistic food service. We asked him for his top tips for home cooking to keep our isolated engines running, with a focus on overall wellness and keeping the immune system in its best shape:


• Enrich your body and mind by cooking and eating by the principles of the Sattvik diet. This includes meals that are rich in ginger, turmeric, chilli, yoghurt, and spinach. 

• Add secondary carbs such as rice, potatoes, and sweet potatoes for long-lasting energy and immunity boosts.

• Try not to rely on canned food and tinned vegetables. Ensure your own access to fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables and make use of your food while it’s fresh.


It’s important to try and follow these tips where you can. You may have notices, DK wasn’t able to offer a lot of information when we reached out. Not because this isn’t his field of expertise. Not because he wasn’t interested in helping out. But because like many in our hospitality industry, DK and the team at Haoma are in trouble. The closure of dining rooms across the industry has left workers, farmers, chefs, sommeliers, cooks, service staff, and diners without much to do in their day, and without the income they depend on.




DK has stepped up to help in the best way he knows how: by cooking. Haoma is now the centre of operations for #NooneHungry, an initiative aiming to nourish everyone who has lost their job, or needs regular access to meals. Hundreds of out-of-work Bangkokians, service industry workers, and frontline carers have taken up the offer. DK is calling for your assistance in keeping his new initiative going, to ensure that no one in Bangkok goes without during the trying times we all face.


For more details, and to donate to #NooneHungry, follow the link here.