Health & Safety at Wonderfruit 2023

11 December 2023 | Wonderfruit

Once a year, we gather in The Fields to celebrate music, art, architecture, culture, performance, food and more. Every Wonderer has their own way of celebrating, which we respect, but what’s most important to us is the well-being of every single guest at Wonderfruit. 


For us, health and safety come before everything: before programming, before revelry and before fun. The Scratch First team works year-round to create a gathering that invites people to be curious and explore, and we want every Wonderer to feel safe while doing so. We’ve taken great strides to improve our operations and overhauled multiple facilities across The Fields, including increasing the number of medical stations and first responders, expanding security and changing security measures, adding more water sources and making stations more visible, and much more.  


Ultimately, each individual is responsible for their own experience and we ask all Wonderers to be mindful of the energy and intentions they bring to The Fields. Wonderfruit is a collective experience created by each and every person who attends.



If you have an emergency, call us


Wonderfruit has grown over the years and it’s exciting to see The Fields filled with so many people. We also recognize that it can be more difficult to find help with more people. This year, we’ve implemented emergency numbers that will be activated during live dates for Wonderers to call in case of emergency.  


These numbers are to be used for urgent emergencies only, and we ask that you not use these numbers for anything but serious emergencies so they are kept free. Every village has medical stations for minor medical assistance and information, and you can find them on our map.


The numbers below connect directly to our onsite Operations HQ. Save them, and find them on our leaflet, which you can pick up as you enter The Fields, and you can also find them pinned to the top of our Instagram account. 


065 9383 000

065 9383 111

065 9383 777


Medical stations throughout the fields 


As you explore Wonderfruit this year, you’ll see an increased presence of medical assistance. There are 11 medical stations in The Fields, with at least one in every village, and each is staffed with certified and trained professionals. Each station is open 24/7 during live dates and can handle any first responder situation. All medical stations are equipped with a golf cart ready to be deployed should any instances arise across The Fields, and each has an ambulance on standby to facilitate transfers to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible should the situation arise. Finally, we’ve also increased the number of medics roaming The Fields.


Get to know the locations of the medical stations below:



Drinking and driving will not be tolerated 


The safety of our Wonderers is paramount and we always consider this when planning out transportation to and from The Fields. Bottom line: don’t drink and drive, and don’t let anyone around you drink and drive. If you plan to let loose, plan ahead. If you have more drinks than you planned, leave your car in the parking lot and take a shuttle or taxi home. Easy peasy. We do not condone drunk driving and we want everyone to return home safe and sound.


To combat driving intoxicated, there will be police checks on the roads to and from Wonderfruit. Police will be administering breathalyzers to check for drunk driving. Be kind to them; they’re only there to look out for you and other drivers.


Checkpoint 1 here: 


Checkpoint 2 here: 


And no, there’s no back road way into The FIelds…


We’ve beefed up security 


You will notice an increased security presence at Wonderfruit this year. This includes standard security checkpoints but also moving around The Fields. 


As usual, there will be a security checkpoint just after the Box Office, where your ID will be checked and your wristband will be scanned. Staff will conduct a bag check as well as a thorough physical pat-down. Please be respectful to our teams at these stations. Their work is important for the safety of Wonderers.


A security checkpoint will also be stationed at the Boutique Camping and Slow Wonder reception areas. This again is to ensure the safety of Wonderers and to confiscate banned items. A bag check will be done as well as a thorough physical pat-down.


The following items are prohibited at Wonderfruit:

  • Alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Drones 
  • Selfie sticks
  • Native American headdresses
  • Hoverboards
  • Bicycles, skateboards or rollerblades
  • Single-use plastic
  • Animals of any kind other than dogs with a ticketed Dog Pass


Stay hydrated at our free water stations


One thing we can promise you about your Wonderfruit experience is that you will do a lot of walking (wear your watch and track your steps!). Stay hydrated and energized throughout the day by filling up at any one of 17 free water stations peppered across The Fields. You’ll be able to easily find them because they’re well lit up and have gotten a spiffy redesign. 


Here, you can also wash your refill cups between uses. 


Get to know their locations below:


Weather can be unpredictable; come prepared


Wonderfruit is in nature. There will be dust, uneven ground and lots of walking. Wear comfortable shoes, bring something to protect against the dust if you’re sensitive to it and take care walking through The Fields.


One of the many things we can’t control is the weather. But we can be ready. Pack sunblock for the hot days and bring something warm in case the wind picks up; it can get chilly at night. And while no one wants to say this out loud, bring something in case it gets wet. But hopefully, we won’t need it! #FingersCrossed


Things you will need:


  • A reusable cup or water bottle to fill and stay cool in the sun
  • Protection from the weather: a hat and SPF during the day and something warm for the evenings
  • Comfortable shoes that are well broken in


Things you will also need? A photo ID or a copy of your ID every time you pass through the Main Entrance. 


Get a lot of rest


As a reminder, Wonderfruit is a marathon, not a sprint. When in The Fields, take lots of breaks. We have created various pavilions and villages dedicated to slowing down. 


When back at your accommodations, make sure to get lots of rest. Leave a little earlier on some days so you can return a little earlier on others.


Don’t forget to eat well, hydrate, practice wellness and go inward. Do what you need to do to care for your inner and outer self—we know how easy it is to get lost in the fun of The Fields. 


A last reminder 


The safety of our Wonderers is paramount. Our care for every person (and puppy) that steps onto The Fields is unwavering and runs deep with our appreciation for your trust in us. Thank you for joining us on this exploration. Look after yourself, take care of others, be mindful of the environment and be respectful to everyone who is working so hard to make this an unforgettable experience.


See you in The Fields.