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How To: Thai Pad Kaprao With TAAN


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14 April 2020

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14 April 2020

TAAN is a regular presence in The Fields at Wonderfruit, serving what they call “hyperlocal innovative Thai cuisine” to the masses of hungry Wonderers throughout the weekend. Their menu of simple staples, fresh local ingredients, and bewildering refinement matches the service churned out of their Bangkok kitchen.


With the dining room closed, chef Thep has finally had a chance to step back from his busy service schedule to share some tips for all us isolated home cooks. As it turns out, Thai food doesn’t have to be complicated, as Thep’s pad kaprao (stir fried Thai holy basil) recipe makes clear:


How To Make Thai Pad Kaprao

Makes 4 Servings




For the paste

15 cloves of Thai garlic (peeled)

10 birds eye chilis

2 stems of coriander root (optional)

5g of Thai holy basil (or Italian basil if you need an alternative)



300g of sliced pork loin/beef/chicken



a handful of picked Thai holy basil leaves

50ml of cooking oil of pork lard

20ml of soya sauce of shoyu

20ml of fish sauce

10g of caster sugar


Feeling adventurous? Other suggested ingredients include long beans, ginger flower, galangal and lemongrass.




Make a paste

Chop coriander root as thinly as you can.

Add peeled Thai garlic and birds eye chili to a mortar and pestle or grinder, followed by coriander root and Thai holy basil leaf, and work into a rough paste. Be careful not to make it too fine; you should still be able to clearly see chunks of chili. Set aside.


Stir Fry

Heat a wok or frypan until it starts smoking.

At low-medium heat, pour 50 ml of cooking oil and roll the pan to cover the surface. Let it heat up to high.

In a bowl, season meat with fish sauce and toss. Add meat to the wok, spreading each piece with a spatula. Keep rolling the meat quickly and turning the wok frequently to prevent a sticky pan.

Once the meat starts to caramelise, push to the outside of the pan, leaving a hole at the centre. Add your paste and stir fry quickly with the meat.

Season with soy sauce, caster sugar and fish sauce, and finish with Thai holy basil leaves. Wok fry quickly and gently.



Chef Thep recommends serving over Jasmine rice with crispy Thai holy basil leaves and a deep-fried egg.


TAAN have expanded their range of hearty, locally-sourced Thai dishes for delivery during the shutdown. Order on the phone (065 328 7374) via LINE (@taanbangkok) or on Grab.