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Indorama Ventures Is Creating a Stage From Your Plastic Bottles

3 November 2019 | Wonderfruit

Creature Stage is our newest performance space at Wonderfruit, debuting inside the ear of Living Village this December.


To make Creature Stage, we went back to the drawing board to completely reconstruct the idea of a main stage. We wanted the space to be a reflection of everything that we at Wonderfruit hold near and dear, from the function to the design to the sustainability practise.



Indorama Ventures had the ideal way to bring together all the elements we wanted to include, all in a vibrant and impactful way. As one of the country’s largest recyclers of PET plastics, Indorama Ventures are able to create recycled fibres that can be turned into vibrant, hard-wearing fabrics. Creature Stage will be decorated in stunning fashion by these fabrics—but we need your help.


This is where our #FeedTheCreature bins come in. Simply by depositing your PET plastic bottles and caps in the (quite pretty) Wonderfruit bins at Emquartier and Siam Paragon, you can contribute to Creature Stage and the recycled fabrics that will make it a standout feature of The Fields.



Look for the bright-coloured #FeedTheCreature bins in the following spots:
Emquartier Food Hall, on B and G floors;
Siam Paragon Food Hall, G floor.


It’s really easy: remove the cap from the bottle, put the bottle and cap in their own bins, and feel good about what you’ve done. The recycling enthusiasts at GEPP will collect everything, and send it on its way to start a new life. Your unwanted bottles will be recycled by Indorama Ventures, spun into fibres, and adorn our new stage as fabrics. The used caps will be sorted, cleaned, and crushed by Precious Plastics—becoming new objects at our Concept Lab workshops.


See the results of your generosity at Wonderfruit when Creature Stage comes to life from 12-16 Dec.