Intermission 2019

9 September 2019 | Wonderfruit

Bring your sound and style to the big stage at Wonderfruit with Intermission, our annual program giving talented, emerging acts the chance to shine.


Every year, while Wonderers are prepping for their time in The Fields, producer Howie B spends the weeks leading up to Wonderfruit working with our Intermission finalists. His decades of experience working with the likes of Björk, U2, Tricky, and Siouxsie and the Banshees is directed at the lucky few chosen to perform at Creature Stage between the main acts. Howie tweaks, instructs, and finesses each performer, giving them all the knowledge they need to excel. 


If you want this to be your story, you can apply for Intermission now: submissions for 2019 are now open.


Send your demo to


All formats are accepted (MP3, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc) but to be considered, please submit a minimum of three songs. If you have more than three, send as many as you like. Show us what you’ve got.


Deadline for submission is November 15th.