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Join MSCTY_Studio to record sounds in The Fields


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Tuesday 5 September

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Monday 20 November

We’re welcoming Wonderers to The Fields a little earlier this year. On Saturday 16 September, we’ll be joining MSCTY_Studio‘s Nick Luscombe and James Greer—field recordists, sound hunters and producers working in the UK and Japan who align deeply with the Wonderfruit way—to capture natural sounds on the Wonderfruit site…and we’d like to extend an invitation for curious Wonderers to join us. The experience is meant to be intimate and space is extremely limited.


Throughout the one-day activity, participants will have the chance to learn more about the soundscape production process while getting a preview of this year’s MSCTY X Ancestral Forest collaboration. Guests will then get to apply what they learn by taking field recordings alongside Nick and James at the Wonderfruit site, with the intention of contributing to MSCTY’s live performance with Terry Riley or a tribute to Plantasia in the Ancestral Forest at Wonderfruit this year.


This hands-on approach looks to facilitate a deeper connection between Wonderers and the Wonderfruit experience while kindling a stronger connection between mind and nature for all. 




Date: Saturday 16 September 2023
Time: 9am–2pm
Location: The Fields, Siam Country Club, Chonburi


10:00am: MSCTY setup

MSCTY will set up their recording equipment while participants are invited to find materials that produce interesting sounds.

11:00am: Gathering

A brief session to explain the recording process. Afterward, participants can venture out in groups to record the sounds of The Fields. 

12:30pm: Lunch at Open Kitchen

Enjoy a communal lunch to connect with fellow participants and discuss experiences.

2pm: Program conclusion + optional site walk


How to apply 


Head here to apply before 14 September, 2023


About MSCTY_Studio


MSCTY_Studio is an agency that explores new ways to experience the world through sound and space, profoundly aligning with our ethos. Our relationship spans several years, and together, we produced Sonic Elements, an immersive sound installation that first debuted at Moobaan Wonder in 2020.


The ongoing collaboration revolves around sonic storytelling by bringing MSCTY_Studio’s expertise in field recording to the event. This includes using high-quality recording equipment to capture a wide range of sounds, from the subtle rustling of leaves to the powerful beats of live music. MSCTY_Studio is skilled in selecting the right microphones, techniques and locations to create rich, immersive recordings.


Together, we aim to enrich the sensory palette of Wonderfruit, allowing Wonderers to immerse themselves fully in the atmosphere, whether listening to an ambient soundscape or the cacophony of a performance with Terry Riley.


About Declare the Forest!


Declare the forest! is a site-specific sound transmission based on field recordings and performed materials collected in The Fields that connects with the Ancestral Forest and the life-giving plants around us. 


Working with SUGi and Baan Suan Onsorn in 2022, Wonderfruit planted a young Miyawaki forest in The Fields. Now one year old, the forest sits at 16,000 square meters, hosts 20,000 trees of over 50 indigenous species, and replicates what was once an expansive ancestral forest in the region. 


For Wonderfruit 2022, MSCTY_Studio’s Sonic Elements series joined forces with the forest to form a living, growing and emerging sonic element for Wonderers to explore. Within the forest, a long-form soundscape was curated, entirely composed of sound sources recorded at the original Miyawaki forest in Yokohama, Japan. Listening zones were created to deeply explore and actively connect with the forest. 


This year, the collaboration grows the Ancestral Forest into a collaborative, cross-arts multi-sensory space. It’s a place to relax and connect with nature, the seasons and the cycles of life through sound, live performances, workshops and installations. 


Most of all, it’s a place to explore the consciousness of the botanical world and consider it from the perspective of the plants and trees.