Pre-book a Journey at Wonderfruit

7 November 2023 | Wonderfruit

*Journeys are just a small part of Wonderfruit 2023; there are hundreds of activities still to discover. Head to our directory for a comprehensive list of free and paid experiences in The Fields, with more being added daily.


Journeys invite Wonderers to contribute to and participate in activities, initiatives and ideas while building bespoke personalized experiences at Wonderfruit 2023. Through a highly curated list of experiences close to the heart of Wonderfruit, Wonderers can go deeper into the intersection of mind and nature and get more out of five days in The Fields.


Journeys are just a small selection of what Wonderfruit has to offer. They stand out because they’re a little more exclusive, they align with our ethos and they need to be pre-booked. Each with its own unique capacity, space in Journeys is open to everyone but limited, meaning they will close once spots are filled. Depending on the activity, a Journey might have room for ten people and another could fit 100. Similarly, some are paid, but many are free. 


Journeys are broken up into categories like wellness, food and more. Wonderers can join activities ranging from a 90-minute breathwork, ice bath and reflection session to dinner prepared by an all-female collective that draws upon South American traditions with food cooked in a clay oven within the ground. Tree planting, a mega collaborative dinner that brings a circus-style dinner theater to The Fields and a potent cacao ceremony are all different types of Journeys that Wonderers can book, with many still to come in the coming weeks. 


We know how much there is to do at Wonderfruit, and every year, we hear from Wonderers how much they miss or didn’t know about. Journeys are our way to get you thinking and planning your adventure so you arrive in The Fields ready to go with a plan, and the rest just falls into place. Start by pre-booking a few Journeys, then find a few performances you want to see on the Wonder App and leave the rest to serendipity—that’s the alchemy to getting the most out of Wonderfruit 2023.


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