Make meaningful connections with Central Retail

16 November 2023 | Wonderfruit

Central Retail knows a thing or two about connection. After all, people are at the heart of everything they do. Stepping into The Fields for the first time, the Sensory Space emerges as a lifestyle hub centered around an art installation that draws power from the sun—embodying Central Retail’s commitment to sustainable and captivating experiences. 

Open from morning to night, Sensory Space offers a creative crafting space that doubles as a place for people to recharge. The space will host a unique collection of fun and engaging art-based workshops sprinkled with touches of beauty and fashion thanks to
Dyson hair styler, perfect for those who need to refresh their hairstyle from the afternoon to the evening. Wonderers can also customize their wardrobes in a workshop led by young designers from Central Edition, including Wood & Mountain and Symp Symp. 


Hungry? While there, indulge in fresh fruit from
Jingjai Farmers’ Market, supporting hardworking farmers. Tops will also be there offering artistically crafted food and drinks, turning fresh ingredients into edible masterpieces—it’s the small touches of health and wellness that Central Retail is known for that they’re injecting into their community space at Wonderfruit. 

Not everyone knows all of the facets that are Central Retail—for example that it includes all things that are ‘Central to Life’ from fashion, food, hardline (building materials), property, health and wellness
. The company is also dedicated to being a sustainable retailer and has set long-term goals to reach net zero by 2050 along with short-term 2030 goals, including reducing greenhouse gases and reducing food waste.

Aiming to align seamlessly with the Wonderfruit ethos, Central Retail’s Sensory Space encourages people to make meaningful connections in The Fields–with themselves and others. This special community welcomes all kinds of Wonderers to discover how Central Retail carries the inner-city lifestyle experiences we’ve come to know them for into the highly-curated landscape at Wonderfruit.