Farm to Feasts

Make Room for Eats

2 October 2019 | Wonderfruit

The pillars that comprise the Wonderfruit program are the most impactful ways we can express our ethos, and each is given as much emphasis as the other. As a quick reminder, our pillars are Art & Architecture, Music, Farm to Feasts, Wellness, Family, and Talks & Workshops. It’s time to start thinking about Farm to Feasts, the most delicious of all activities.


Farm to Feasts is a catch-all term to describe every flavourful morsel to be found during the festival, from those delivered by dependable street food vendors to the refined results of Michelin-starred celebrities. We direct all the eats at Wonderfruit into three distinct areas: Wonder Feasts, Wonder Kitchen, and Pop-up Kitchens. Each has its own character and role at Wonderfruit, but all fit into the same ethos by celebrating the origin of our food, and taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of dining.


Wonder Feasts

We believe great food can be enjoyed without harming the planet, and our many talented Wonder Feast chefs agree. Inside the Theatre of Feasts, at a single, uninterrupted table encouraging social dining, Wonder Feasts shine a focussed spotlight on ingredients, technique, and creativity. In front of an audience of 200 diners, chefs are issued the challenge of not only considering their impact but also creating cuisine that is original and sustainable, all from a temporary kitchen. 




Wonder Kitchen

At the smaller end of our Farm to Feasts scale is Wonder Kitchen, an intimately experimental space dedicated to the development of flavours and the sharing of culinary knowledge. 30 lucky wonderers get the chance to get up close and personal with notable local chefs while they get up close and personal with natural ingredients. At Wonder Kitchen, food leans into the experimental and dishes trend towards daring. Chefs discuss between courses, serving stories alongside the main event.




Pop-up Kitchens

When it’s time to eat, you never have to go far to discover a satisfyingly nourishing, sustainably-sourced fill up. The heroes of Thailand’s food scene aren’t always found in traditional restaurants or commercial kitchens. The mobile stalls, carts, vans and trucks are out in force day and night, keeping Wonderfruit ticking at every hour—from pop-up appearances by beloved restaurants to a zone dedicated to classic street food flavours. Fill up with flavours from here and abroad, catered to you.


With every dish served in the The Fields, the source of our food is always at the front of our chefs’ and cooks’ minds. But beyond finding or growing ingredients and produce that don’t cost the earth to deliver to our kitchens, we are always looking for new ways to keep our dining impact down—including at the other end of the process. From partnering with local non-profits to compost leftovers, and reducing waste along the way, we take the serious parts of eating very seriously to ensure that every flavour comes with a side of good feelings.