Behind The Scenes

Marvel at the Moon With SangSom

30 November 2020 | Wonderfruit

The moon, la lune, luna—whatever you want to call it, the brilliant orb in the night sky is responsible for so much of what happens in nature. From lifting tides to regenerating plants and helping light our path when the sun is away, the mesmerizing reflector is as essential to life as its radioactive sister.


The moon lights our way, helping all living beings to navigate the night and find the right way forward. And in a less philosophically scientific sense, it’s just a beautiful thing to see above our heads whenever we are far enough from the bright city lights to appreciate it.


SangSom, Thailand’s favorite special rum, is harnessing some of the wonder we all feel for the moon with their all-new venue at Moobaan Wonder: Baan Moonism with SangSom.


Baan Moonism is a bamboo structure surrounding a projection-mapped model of our nearest orbiting rock. The sustainably-sourced bamboo forms jut out from the surface of The Fields in shapes reminiscent of waxing and waning moon phases, and enclose the oversized, lit moon. At night, the moon glows with shifting patterns of every colour, softly illuminating the spaces surrounding it. 


When the night arrives, with a SangSom cocktail in hand, sit back and marvel at the moon and join the moonism movement at Moobaan Wonder.