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Celebrate the sounds of the Molam Bus at home with a limited edition vinyl



Sunday 26 May

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Sunday 26 May

We’re happy to present a limited edition vinyl compilation that celebrates the definitive sound of Wonderfruit: Molam.

Bringing Isaan to Wonderfruit

The Molam Bus with The Jim Thompson Art Center first appeared in The Fields in 2015, becoming a certified icon of Wonderfruit. In 2023, it evolved into the Molam Village with the Thailand Tourism Authority (TAT) to include food, activities and workshops from the northeast, placing Isaan culture in the heart of The Fields.

Over the years, the bus-cum-village has presented an adventurous line-up of authentic Molam performances and contemporary mixes, serenading Wonderers with the melded sounds of khaen melodies and phin riffs to offer a real taste of the colorful parties of Isaan.

Curated by DJ Maft Sai

Since 2022, we’ve been collaborating on the programming with Maft Sai, founder of Paradise Bangkok and ZuRangMa Records, a Bangkok-based independent record store and label specializing in Thai folk, funk and dance music. His curation has evolved the sound to reflect the broad creative culture of the region, blending traditional acoustic Molam with cutting-edge electronic interpretations of the genre.

Molam at home

This eclecticism is reflected in the track listing for a limited edition vinyl compilation, curated and compiled by Matt Sai, that features some of the most iconic performances from the Molam Bus at Wonderfruit 2022.

The vinyl itself is pressed in a purple and pink swirl pattern and lives in a sleeve featuring emblematic artwork of the Molam Bus. The vinyl is the first in a series of releases that seek to capture the spirit and sound of the Molam Village—and this year, Molam World—and is a perfect piece of memorabilia for fans of Wonderfruit to take home.

A double-sided LP

Opening side 1, we have GA-PI, a staple of the Thai music scene for many years, presenting dubwise Molam live and direct. Moving from this, we have the new sounds of Zound To Zion and Papanin K, shifting from heavy drone-like Isan vibes to the bright electronic sheen of ‘Marshmallow No.2’. Ending side 1, the sounds of Toomturn push the northeast tradition effortlessly into psychedelic territory.

Sombat and Kammao open side 2, with straight ahead traditional acoustic Molam, followed by Kaifah and Sawai in a khaen and vocal face off, old school style. Side 2 concludes with a live dub workout from The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band, with Nick Manasseh at the controls.

Exclusively at ZudRangMa Records 

The vinyl is available to buy at the ZudRangMa store in Bangkok, or if you’re a little further afield, order online through their website or Instagram.