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3 December 2019 | Wonderfruit

It’s the sixth wonderfruit, and we are so pleased to welcome a diverse lineup of live artists, producers, bands, and DJs. Wonderfruit has always been about more than the music—but we take our music curation as seriously as everything we do. Instead of “headliners” and supporting acts, every performance plays its part in the individual experiences we share with you, our Wonderers. We want every moment at Wonderfruit to be an expression of the mood, space, and atmosphere of The Fields. We want every sound to excite, explore, and embrace. And we hope you’ll love it. 


To help you prepare for your sonic journey this year, we’ve prepared this handy selection of just some of the many musical moments at Wonderfruit. 


Sunrise and sunset is celebrated at Solar Stage, with sets signalling each change of day. Massive Attack’s Daddy G, Floating Points, Acid Pauli, Arp Frique & Family, Gidge, Tiny Giant, Four Tet, Nick Luscombe, Camion Bazar b2b La Mamie’s, and Antal all take up a slot defined by the position of the sun.


The Quarry welcomes the return of Craig Richards Collisions, a curated selection of daring DJs and challenging producers all hidden from view. Willow, Bobby. Felix Dickinson, Binh , DOTT, Nick The Record, Sonja Moonear and Powder will each share their sounds. This year, every set at The Quarry will be performed by a hidden artist—we aren’t going to announce who’s playing, you’ll just have to enjoy the moment.


The natural amphitheatre of Theatre Stage will come to life with the experimental sounds of Electric Vocuhila, Mattnimare, BOYJOZZ, Alfa Mist, and Islandman. Musicity launches completely original compositions live onstage—pieces inspired by the celebrated locations and iconic structures of Bangkok. Rival Consoles is joined by Erased Tapes labelmates Daniel Brandt & Eternal Something, Douglas Dare, Midori Hirano, and Hatis Noit, backed up by local talent Nannue Tipitier.


The deep, dark decadence of Forbidden Fruit overflows with takeovers. Ed Banger Records is bringing Busy P, Myd, Breakbot & Irfane, Broadback, and Yasmin. The queer party starters of Go Grrls fill their ‘God Save the Queer’ takeover with Wanton Witch, Mae Happyair, and Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy. Japan’s Rainbow Disco Club represents the famed festival with sets by Raphaël Top-Secret and John Gómez.


The newest space for sound, tucked in the ear of Living Village, is Creature Stage. This stage is built using recycled plastic bottles, and hosts The Turbans, Sarathy Korwar, Beardyman, GoGo Penguin, Brushy One String, Kelsey Lu, Supergoods, and Naoki Serizawa.


Ziggurat stands proudly overlooking Creature Stage, as a Thai beer garden on another level. Naj Frusciante, Midori Aoyama, and Sabai Sabai Soundsystem feature among a lineup of local and regional independent Asian selectors and DJs.


Polygon Live is returning to The Fields with its 360º sensory experience, ready to immerse all worthy visitors in light, touch, and projection arts by international VFX artists. Dark-hour dances will be delivered by Alejandro Castelli, Dandara, Kusht (Live), Alban Endlos (Live). Luis Rosenberg, Reple, Martha van Straaten, Xique-Xique (Live), Miret, Timboletti (Live), Spaniol, Matanza (Live), Viken Arman (Live), Be Svendsen (Live), KMLN, Parallells, and Sainte Vie (Live).


And then, there’s Neramit, our bamboo home base in the heart of The Fields. This Thai pavilion for all things that excite and delight will be home to takeovers from Thailand’s ZudRangMa records and their friends Maft Sai, Rattanakosin Breakin Crew, Electric Piphat Band, and Funk Bast*rd. Daniel Merlot brings a sense of dark twisted ritual to the same venue with House of The Unholy+Holy, backed up by DJs Eddie C, DJ Garth, and Chromeo (DJ Set).


Oh, and there’s even more:



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