Musical selections from Be Svendsen

8 November 2017 | Wonderfruit

Ahead of his sunrise Solar Stage debut, meet the desert-circus-shaman-cowboy DJ, and get a feel for what he has in store for those of you planning to dance til dawn.

What can Wonderers expect from your set?
I have been given the honor of playing the special hour of sunrise, so I will be sharing an evocative selection of my productions to greet the day and and bring people together in joy. We’ll celebrate the brotherhood of humankind while keeping the pulse and drive intact.

Have you you ever been to Thailand before and what are you looking forward to seeing/doing?
The first adventure longer than a holiday I ever took was a six-month trip to Thailand back in ‘98 – absolutely fell in love with the place and I’ve returned a number of times since. One of my most memorable experiences in the country was a five-day motorbike trip around the north, ending up in very secluded places, getting lost in the dark and sleeping in local farmers’ houses. I do love the islands too, and I’m very much looking forward to some proper chill time by the beach after the festival.

What are you most excited about at Wonderfruit?
I play at a lot of festivals and always really appreciate when I feel a strong sense of intention of thought and detail behind an event. I hear from colleagues and other Wonderers that the production and the place is absolutely amazing. It also seems like the perfect getaway place to escape Christmas-infected Europe for a week, and besides that, I know that there will be a bunch of proper nutters to have a blast with and play my music for.

OK, let’s talk music: what was the first record you bought?
It was the ‘Breaking movie soundtrack’. It came with a fold-out poster on how to boogie – I was hooked.

What song do you play to relax after a stressful day?
The Mills Brother – “Some Of These Days”.

What’s the best song to play on a date when things aren’t going to plan?
Set the system to a semi high volume level, leaving some headroom for contemplation for your companion, then stick on Meat Loaf’s “Bat Out Of Hell” and get the F out.

What’s your favorite road-trip driving song?
Bruce Springsteen – “State Trooper” Trentemoller edit.

What do you play to psych yourself up for a gig?
Ennio Morricone – “The Ecstasy Of Gold”

If you enjoyed that eclectic mix, don’t miss Be Svendsen’s “evocative selection” at sunrise in December. Meanwhile, check him out on Soundcloud.