Mysterious Producer 002

13 August 2021 | Wonderfruit

This week’s Mysterious Producer is an anonymous anomaly, even for the secretive world of underground techno. He’s been seen on stages, in clubs, and at festivals through Europe, North America, and Asia, but he would never be recognized in a crowd.



This two-hour set will transport you deep into the recesses of your mind and soul, and out to the light on the other side. You could call it heavy healing.


With #MysteriousProducers, we’re sharing recordings from DJs, live acts, composers and producers in our world of Wonderfruit. Only, we aren’t going to tell you who the contributing artist is. Not at first, anyway.


We believe in learning and understanding through discovery. Wonderfruit’s music direction has always been about exploration and excitement; a journey into sounds, not names. Mysterious Producers is a chance to do just that. Find a new set, dive into the sounds contained within it, and see where it takes you. No hype, no fuss, and no headliners. Just music to be spirited away by. ⁠⁠


Discover more from Mysterious Producers, and stay tuned as we drop a new anonymous set on SoundCloud every other Friday.