Mysterious Producer 003

27 August 2021 | Wonderfruit

This week’s mysterious producer is a crate-digging record collector known in the Seoul underground for playing rare Korean vinyl she uncovers during her travels in Asia. 






This mix carries listeners on a condensed, energetic tour through the annals of East Asian psych, funk, disco, and garage tunes from an ensemble of artists all but forgotten to a contemporary audience.



Track list


000 Sopyonje: Yoobong House Floor (soundtrack)

001 Seo Yong Haegeum Sanjo: Otmori

002 Soochul Kim: The Procession

003 Soochul Kim:  Joy

004 Jeong Ai Ri: Please open the door

005 Jeong Nan Yi: It’s a Secret

006 Nogoziri: Wait

007 Blue Dragon Season 2: The Land of Gods

008 Nogoziri: Come by the window

009 Shin Jung-hyun and Yeopjeon: Guess who was there

010 Ham Joong-ah and the Yankees: Think about it

011 Rainbow Family: Showers

012 Love and Peace: Person To Person & Nothing You Can Do

013 Kim Jeong-mi: Ganadaramabasa

014 San ul lim: Laying Silks and Satins on my Heart

015 First Son: Thoughts of Being Scolded by Mom

016 Stone Bat: Suddenly

017 HE5: Hey Jude


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