Mysterious Producer 005

25 September 2021 | Wonderfruit

Mysterious Producer 005 is a collector, curator, and DJ with broad global appeal. His anthological knowledge (and mixtape mastery) of hip hop, funk, soul, boogie and jazz records has seen him take on residencies with Music of Substance and BBC’s Radio 1Xtra.




In this hour-long effort for #MysteriousProducers, the anonymous DJ channeled the recent resurgence of Broken Beat on the dance floors of London into an uplifting, moving mix to get you right in the Friday feels.


“A lot of the mixes I do are about digging into old catalogues or eras, so it’s nice to have an open opportunity to just play some more recent music that I’m into. The recent wave (you might say revival) of Broken Beat coming out of London and elsewhere has delivered some brilliant records. This mix contains some recent favourites alongside some stuff from recent years—mostly a straight up Broken Beat sound, but with a few things that venture closer to the House-ier end of the spectrum. Something for the dance floor that represents London.”


Discover more from Mysterious Producers, and stay tuned as we drop a new anonymous set on SoundCloud every other Friday.