Open your mind and ears to Mysterious Producers

10 September 2021 | Wonderfruit

While we wait for live, in-person gatherings to return, we’re dropping new sets on SoundCloud—but we’re not going to tell you who’s responsible for each. This is #MysteriousProducers. Discover the latest track below.



Mysterious Producers 004:



Mysterious Producer 004 is a UK producer with the golden touch.


In this hour of mystery the celebrated producer, drummer, and DJ selects a gilded range of sounds from jazz to dub from the far corners of our globe.



Mysterious Producers 003:



Mysterious Producer 003 is a crate-digging record collector known in the Seoul underground for playing rare Korean vinyl as she travels Asia. 


Her selections span the annals of East Asian productions, with appearances by forgotten garage, psychedelic, funk, and disco sounds. Find the tracklist here.



Mysterious Producers 002:




Mysterious Producer 002 is an anonymous anomaly, even for the secretive world of underground techno.


This two-hour set will transport you deep into the recesses of your mind and soul, and out to the light on the other side. You could call it heavy healing.



Mysterious Producers 001:




Mysterious Producer 001 is the man of Molam, but this mix is a departure from the upbeat, worldly sounds he is most familiar with.


In creating this two-hour ambient exploration, Mysterious Producer 001 was contemplating the music of massage, and why the usual spa soundtracks leave us wanting more.


This recording focusses sonic attention towards rejuvenating, relaxing, and destressing body, mind, and soul.



Why are you hiding the artist?


Something unusual happens when you hide the musician. We’ve learned this from experiments in the past. Without a DJ to point at, the music finds its way to the audience in a different way. A more personal, individual way. Throughout anonymous sets, audience members move, morph, and each find their own rhythm. It’s a pure sonic experience.


#MysteriousProducers as a series will have no headliners, no names (big or small), and no hype tied to the person behind the sounds. Just a recording to transport you, spirit you away, and have you feeling a type of way.


We’ll keep updating this post with sets as they are released, so check back to hear the unfolding aural adventure.