Objects of Wonder: Montonn Jira’s Leather Bound Journal

13 September 2021 | Wonderfruit

We’ve asked artists, designers, creators, and creatives to share images of objects that spark wonder—artworks, tools, heirlooms, and oddities that carry meaning and tell a story.⁠⁠ Individuals from all over the Wonderfruit universe have supplied storied items for our new feature: #ObjectsOfWonder.


This object of wonder comes from songwriter, singer, producer, and co-founder of Wonderfruit, Montonn Jira. 


He’s most often spotted donning something fabulously sparkly and roaming The Fields during the festival, but the realities of 2020 and 2021 brought pause to that party. During the great confinement, Montonn has kept busy rearranging his thoughts, organizing his mind, and preparing his self for what may lay ahead. This leather bound journal is where the majority of this work is done, and a great source of—and receptacle for—the wonder Montonn’s life contains.




“I see this journal as an extension of myself, where I store my thoughts. A place to plan, organize, outline, and deconstruct ideas that may seem too fragmented at the time of origin. 


“Writing these bits down allows them to grow and inhabit a space where they may be later harvested and put to use, or not. 


“This special place provides structure and clarity in relation to the mess that often consumes the mind, making it a great complementary piece.“


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