Objects of Wonder: Sunju Hargun’s Inseparable Sculptures

25 October 2021 | Wonderfruit

We’ve asked artists, designers, creators, and creatives to share images of objects that spark wonder—artworks, tools, heirlooms, and oddities that carry meaning and tell a story.⁠⁠ Individuals from all over the Wonderfruit universe have supplied storied items for our new feature: #ObjectsOfWonder.


These mystical twin gilded masks are a staple feature of the on-stage setup of DJ, producer, performer and label boss Sunju Hargun (of Karma Klique and Siamese Twin Records). The Loro Blonyo (inseparable couple) sculpture is said to be a symbol of prosperity and harmony, originally from Yogyakarta and Solo, Indonesia.


“‘Space is the place’ reflects my mindset towards staying creative. Even the smallest object, or living natural thing, can really change the feel of a setting and the ambiance that it helps inspire. As someone that tends to see things more visually with my music and art being symbiotic in approach, I incorporate The Loro Blonyo couple into my setup when I perform. The pair stands together between me and the machines, reminding me to stay human, keeping me grounded, and preventing me from getting lost in technology. It’s wonderful what our surroundings can teach us.”




Sunju Hargun is no stranger to performing live. He and his sounds have graced the stages of Wonderfruit and Moobaan Wonder, and his psychedelic sensibilities have been heard throughout Asia. Between Siamese Twins Records, which he co-founded to focus on psychedelic sounds from the East, and Karma Klique, a collective hosting responsible parties in nature across Thailand, he has plenty of opportunities to bring this inseparable couple to a range of unique settings outside of his home studio, and imbue them with the energy of various natural and man-made environments.


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