Objects of Wonder: Rachaporn Choochuey’s Thanjavur dancing doll

30 August 2021 | Wonderfruit

Rachaporn Choochuey is a designer and architect based in Bangkok, whose architectural collective (all)zone has created whimsical, playful, mesmerizing structures in The Fields for Wonderfruit editions stretching back to 2014—our first ever Wonderfruit.



It’s fitting, then, that when we asked Ajarn Rachaporn for an object of wonder, she and her creative collaborators submitted a whimsical, playful, mesmerizing object.



The wobbly, bobbly Thanjavur dancing doll is an apt reflection of what makes (all)zone’s creative output what it is: it’s a simple mechanism, carefully constructed, and thoughtfully decorated to evoke a sense of detachment and wonder.



“We received this traditional Indian bobbing toy as a gift from a dear friend. We love this doll for its uncomplicated yet inventive mechanism that produces such joyful, mesmerizing movements so specific to Indian culture. 




“As architects and design professionals, we at all(zone) have been fascinated by contemporary vernacular design solutions that exist as a response to the ever-changing mega metropolises that give form to our everyday life. The observations gleaned from these ingenious designs help inform our practice in creating built environments where all could feel ‘at home’ in the world. We look to the Thanjavur doll as a wonderful representation of the ability to create works that are simple, clever, and reflective of our roots, while at the same time bringing joy and comfort to the people.”



(all)zone may not be a familiar name to most past Wonderers, but their works in The Fields will surely ring a few bells and tug a few nostalgic heartstrings. The group was responsible for the neon chill pavilion behind the farm from 2014, the impressive Marmalade Sky shade structure from 2017 that housed Soi Stage, and the Butterfly Effects canopy for The Quarry in 2018—where recycled polyester woven floor mats were transformed into a flight of fancy above the forest floor.




Each of the installations conceived and created by (all)zone for Wonderfruit have been modular, manipulated shapes that move in gentle, playful ways in our natural environment. Their materials of choice are surprising adaptations of the seemingly mundane. It’s no surprise, then, that the happy design minds at (all)zone find inspiration in this whimsical artifact.