Relationships are everything: Our coffee-infused affair with Nespresso

21 September 2022 | Wonderfruit

Like mornings and coffee, some relationships are meant to be—and that’s how we connected with Nespresso.


After we first met, we discovered that our reason for being was rather aligned: we both believe our collective future is carbon-neutral and circular. And so we began creating testing grounds to make that belief a reality. Our collaborations felt (and tasted) good and organic, so we evolved them, with each activity entirely different from the one before. Our first dalliance was at Moobaan Wonder over Nespresso-powered brews at our café. Then we threw an afternoon affair called Rice & Roast, where we invited friends and family to The Fields to explore how Nespresso is repurposing coffee grounds at our farm. We learned about making mushroom beds in coffee-laced soil; we created seed bombs from a mix of seeds, coffee grounds and clay; we played with natural dyes using leftover grounds to use as watercolor for painting and textiles. We ate a coffee-infused lunch and listened to coffee-inspired music.


Now, we’re looking to the future of our relationship—but that starts with the present. See what we’re brewing this year:


Doing Is Everything



In celebration of our mutual commitment to recycling, sustainability and nature, we’ve dreamed up a display with Nespresso at their flagship boutique in Siam Paragon around their global ‘Doing Is Everything’ campaign. In collaboration with Pin Metal Art studio, a project by Saruta Kiatparkpoom in which she reimagines the value of metal offcuts by giving them new life in the form of sculptural and functional designs, the project repurposed used Nespresso pods to create playful and exciting pieces while expressing the strength of offcuts. The window is on display until September 28 at Siam Paragon.


Rewilding The Fields


To further their investment in nourishing The Fields beyond the farm, the Nespresso team is participating in our rewilding project in which we are designing an Ancestral Forest in collaboration with SUGi. The forest looks to one day become home to new species of flora and fauna, insects and animals, and of course, experiences at Wonderfruit. One afternoon, we invited the Nespresso team to join us in hand planting a section of the forest. They’ve also provided coffee grounds to nourish the inoculation of the compost (composting liquid), which feeds the soil and the forest’s nursery.

Used Nespresso grounds are a key ingredient to make composting liquid (also known as compost inoculate) to nourish the forest nursery


Wonderfruit 2022


More than just a cuppa to kick start your day or night in The Fields, Nespresso will serve coffee in The Fields, tell coffee-powered stories and hold coffee-inspired workshops. Find them for all kinds of kicks.