Parking at Wonderfruit: some updates

23 November 2023 | Wonderfruit

We’ve heard you and we’ve made a couple of updates to how parking works this year. Here’s what you need to know:


We’ve upgraded parking


This year, we’ve changed the way we do parking. In fact, we’ve done a whole overhaul to transportation in an effort to combat illegal taxis and solicitors (and the subsequent price gauging that was happening last year), ticket resellers, to clear congestion, better control traffic and create a safe environment for drivers and pedestrians getting to and from their vehicles. In general, we just wanted to make parking easier for everyone. 


Buy a Parking Pass in advance 


Parking costs THB 250 per entry if you pre-book a Parking Pass online before 12 December, and you can leave your car for the entire duration of the event. If you leave, however, you’ll need to pay again, in which case we recommend getting enough passes for the days you plan to come. And if you come for all four days and need four Parking Passes, you’ll get a 20% discount. 


Pending availability, you’ll also be able to pay for parking when you arrive, but know that spots are limited so we recommend getting a Parking Pass ahead of time. 


You can buy a Parking Pass here


How to pay for parking


When buying online, you can pay for a Parking Pass using debit, credit or QR code/PromptPay. If you pay upon arrival in The Fields, you cannot pay using credit cards or cash; only QR/Prompt pay will be accepted. 


We want to encourage Wonderers to carpool not only to reduce costs but also emissions. Above all, it’s important to us that you don’t drive intoxicated or get in a car where a driver may put you in danger (there will be police checks on the roads to and from The Fields). It’s super important to drink mindfully and responsibly at Wonderfruit. 


Pick-up and drop-offs


You won’t need to pay for parking if you’re only getting picked up or dropped off. There will be a drop-off and pick-up area for private vans, cars to pick up friends, and taxis. Like at an airport, vehicles can wait for a limited amount of time before making a loop and returning, meaning the zone will not accommodate cars waiting for a fare. If you need a taxi out, we ask that you don’t use rideshare apps and clog up this space; instead, head to the designated Taxi Zone, where a fleet of cabs will be on standby with standardized rates to get you home. 


We’ve changed entry and exit to The Fields


For those driving this year, know that the only entrance to Wonderfruit is on Soi 5. Do not use Siam Country Soi 3 as it is exit only and you won’t make it. If that sounds confusing, get your bearings in advance via the map below. 



As the event grows, we’re continuously expanding all of our operations to meet the demand and we appreciate your understanding and support in the changes we make. 


See you in The Fields.