Want to participate at Wonderfruit 2022? Applications are now open

17 August 2022 | Wonderfruit

Applications are now open for those who want to participate at Wonderfruit this year. We have a wide range of exciting opportunities across an array of areas, from food to art to workshops and more—some old and many new.


Get the full scope of each opportunity and find the link to specific application forms below. 


Our community is the essence of Wonderfruit, and we can’t wait to see what you come back with this year.


Workshop Facilitators 


We believe that it’s in sharing and exchange that people connect, and through our workshops program, you can contribute your passion, whether it’s artistic, cultural activity or specialised technique, to the Wonderfruit community. We wish to bring creative cultures from all over the world, to be explored and experienced together.


Find more information as well as the application form here




Through a range of initiatives, Wonderfruit is committed to fostering creative expressions, meaningful relationships and reducing its impact on the environment while encouraging others to follow suit. In this spirit of teamwork, we appeal for volunteers and are looking for individuals with a passion for the arts, events and sustainability.


Find more information as well as the application form here


Performance Art 


Art performances at Wonderfruit are spectacular, immersive and compelling. For this year’s edition, we are looking for roaming theater projects, interactive site-specific performances, creative interventions, happenings and multi-media spectacles that push boundaries and engage audiences. Set in our open fields, we welcome programs that will interplay with the landscape, other structural installations and of course, our curious festival goers.


Find more information as well as the application form here


Installation Art 


Art installations at Wonderfruit reflect our ethos on environmental sustainability, joyful living, and explorations of life’s wonders; ultimately, art and culture are the intersection of nature and mind. Since our inception in 2014, we’ve been a platform for social experiences and experiments, showcasing and promoting projects that spark dialogues about environmental topics, sustainable innovative technology, material craftsmanship and positive social disruption. More and more, we adopt practices to not only become a sustainably driven event, and avoid leaving negative traces, but to come up with solutions that experiment with, celebrate and motivate senses of wonder on our land and within the wider society. 


Wonderfruit’s visual arts span media, so if you have an installation concept that is in keeping with our vision and sense of curiosity and adventure, whether it be sculptural, supernatural, performative, agricultural, musical, mechanical or illuminating, we’d like to hear about it. 


Find more information as well as the application form here


F&B Vendors


We’re looking for great minds from cafés, pop-up restaurants, food trucks and street food stalls who produce unique cuisine from sustainable sources, with an emphasis on unusual, nutritious and varied eating experiences. Wonderfruit welcomes applications from local and international F&B vendors.


Find out more information as well as the application form here


Art Cars 


Imagine your own artistic creation roaming around The Fields at Wonderfruit. We’re calling for creative minds with mobile ideas to deck out a selection of Wonderfruit golf carts in weird and wonderful ways before they are released into the wilderness of The Fields. We are particularly interested in designs with a sustainable aspect in terms of materials and building technology that brings people together in enjoyable interactive ways. If you can conceptualise and materialise—for example —a prowling monster, a portable light spectacle, a mobile puppet show or a gaming station on wheels, we want to hear about it.


Find out more information as well as the application form here