Pre-register your ticket to Wonderfruit 2023

20 November 2023 | Wonderfruit

The time has arrived to pre-register your ticket to Wonderfruit 2023. It’s quick and easy to do and will get you through the Box Office queues quickly—look for the lanes marked for pre-registered guests.


Pre-registration is now live; head here to begin.


What is pre-registration:


Every ticket to Wonderfruit must be registered by the person attending the event, and doing it in advance saves you time at the Box Office (standing at the gate and registering a ticket will slow down your entry into The Fields.


This is also where you make sure your name matches the name on your ticket. So if a friend booked the tickets under their name, or you bought multiple tickets under your name, this is where you can correct it.


Important (so important): Ensure that the name you pre-register with matches the name on your photo ID exactly. If there are discrepancies between your registered name and your ID, you will not be allowed to enter the event. Also, ensure that you keep your ID—or at least a copy of your ID—on you every time you enter The Fields. We’ll be checking and double-checking.


Here’s how to pre-register:


1. Click on this link.


2. Enter your ticket’s 9-digit Entrant Code in the box.


3. Enter your details. Ensure all your info is accurate and that your email is active because that’s where you’ll receive details about benefits and goodies from The Fields. Also, make sure you opt in to Marketing Communications; this is how you get notified about things like the Private Sale.

Note: You can only pre-register a ticket once, so ensure your information is 100% correct.


4. If you’ve purchased a Boutique Camping Tent or RV, now’s the time to pre-register that too. Only share your accommodation Entrant Code with your guests; no changes can be made once the allocation has been reached for each code.


5. Click submit. That’s it; you’re now registered. You’ll receive an email with your ticket and accommodation QR codes. Be sure to keep them handy when you get to the Box Office.


The only thing to do now is get ready for Wonderfruit 2023.


Questions? Here, maybe we can help:


I bought tickets for my friends, what do I do?


Send each ticket holder their own Entrant Code, which can be found on the ticket itself. They can then pre-register themselves (following the steps above) and they’ll have a QR code that corresponds to their name and Entrant Code ready for when they get to Wonderfruit.


Do I need to pre-register my child or dog?


No, there’s no need to pre-register under-12s or dogs.


I’ve booked accommodations on-site. Do I need to pre-register my Boutique Tent/RV/General camping?


Yes, you do. On-site accommodation pre-registration is included in the process above.


Do I need an ID to get in?


Yes. You will need to show the same photo ID every time you enter The Fields, or access certain areas. We strongly recommend keeping your ID—or a copy of your ID—on you at all times. A digital copy is fine, too, but should your battery die and you can’t show your ID, you won’t be allowed in.