Behind The Scenes

Q&A with Pete: Welcome to Wonderfruit 2019

17 July 2019 | Wonderfruit

We sat down with our CEO and Founder, Pranitan aka Pete, to kick off Wonderfruit 2019 officially, and discuss his vision for this year.


WONDERPOST: With our first announcements made and five months till Wonderfruit 2019, how are you feeling?

PETE: I like it when we get to this moment; it gets really real from here. 


We’re thinking about Wonderfruit in a particular way this time; how would you describe it?

Since we started Wonderfruit, we’ve realized that every year we’re creating a city. Now we’re taking that concept more seriously, thinking about what cities are, how they function and the elements that make them, and trying to design a pop-up version that’s the sort of city we’d like to see. 


So, what have we learnt and what’s evolving this time?

Wonderfruit is built on an ethos of creating a dialogue about environmental issues in a relevant way. We’ve seen where our sustainable shortcomings are, and we’ve built a network with partners and experts who can help us improve. 


Who are some of those experts?

We’re working with organizations like UNDP and we’ve identified five of their Sustainable Development Goals that we want to address. To do that effectively, we also work with Thailand Greenhouse Organization, who audit and measure all our processes so we can see what needs fixing and get guidance on how to do it.


What are some of the unique things we can do in our pop-up city?

We have an additional opportunity to address social behavior and culture in our city. We can come up with new and exciting ways to bring people together, whether that’s how they interact with the land, the architecture, performances or with each other.


And what do you hope will be the takeaway from our pop-up city?

I hope the things we’re implementing will influence people’s daily lives beyond Wonderfruit. Hopefully, with help from our partners, we can create an experience that will go some way to restructuring people’s priorities and habits. 


Listen to the full interview here and stay tuned for more updates on what’s in store for you, the inhabitants of our pop-up city.