Behind The Scenes

Returning to Our Favorite Place: The Fields

19 November 2020 | Wonderfruit

Wonderers from years gone by know our iconic, lush venue: The Fields. The annual festival takes place in our own natural setting, with more than 300 rai (or 118 acres, or 48 hectares, depending where you are in the world) of grass, coconut plantation, lakes, and forests to play in.


For Moobaan Wonder, we’ve gone a little smaller to create a concentrated dose of nature for new visitors.


Spread across 100 rai of land, The Fields for Moobaan Wonder have been revised—and we’re very excited to welcome you to our new village.


We’ve planted more trees, added another lake, expanded the onsite (fully-functioning) farm and we’re now waiting patiently for our fields of colorful flowers to bloom.


All of this is part of one of our key goals for Moobaan Wonder: encouraging everyone to return to nature.


To reconnect with the surroundings we all come from, we all need opportunities to spend time in nature, to understand our place in the ecosystem, and to give back to the land that gives us so much. 


At the farm, visitors can experience traditional Thai agricultural practises up close and personal. Little Fields is bringing their mobile farm experience to our place again, for villagers young and old to get their hands dirty and discover the food cycle in person. Workshops by our eco-friendly partners will teach all willing minds the ins and outs of composting, fermenting, and creating food sustainably in the active surrounds of the farm, too. 


Our flower fields are the perfect place to sit, switch off, and appreciate the beauty of our world with wide-eyed wonder.


We’ve updated Theatre Stage, our permanent bamboo amphitheatre designed by Bangkok-based Mpd Studio architects, to house a brand new all-day dining concept with chef Prin and Mint from Samrub for Thai. It’s called Mae Oui Ama, and it’s presented by our sister platform for food: Fruitfull. 


We also make sure that Moobaan Wonder doesn’t have any negative impact on the environment, through our sustainability initiatives. For the entire event series, we’ve set the goal of sending zero waste to landfill. To achieve this, we’re implementing a ban on single-use plastics, separating all waste into its respective streams, and ensuring that all material is sorted and supplied to operators who can generate value from waste. We’ll help demonstrate to everyone the small actions we can all take to reduce our environmental impact, and build staging structures and art installations with locally-sourced, sustainable materials.


It’s also really helpful in this unusual time we’re living in to get away from the cramped confines of city living and find some space in a more unspoiled setting. We can accommodate more people, with greater distance, than we could in a city venue. You could call it natural distancing. With natural distancing, there’s plenty of room to move, explore, and immerse yourself in the experiences of Moobaan Wonder while still complying with current health guidelines.


Plus, The Fields are so green at the moment. We can’t wait for you to see it for yourself.