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Low-impact living in The Fields


Wonderfruit 101


Monday 16 September

Last Updated

Monday 28 November

It’s no secret that Wonderfruit is a place for motivating, encouraging, and sparking positive impact in the world. We make the cause known at every magical turn, and we take responsibility for ensuring that the land and resources that our pop-up city requires are left in better condition that when we found them. So as we move nearer and nearer to Wonderfruit, it’s time for everyone to start prepping our sustainable selves for the wonders of December.


Living sustainably at Wonderfruit takes small actions with big impacts. Making conscious choices to consume less, recycle more, and reduce our footprints isn’t difficult. It can be fun, simple, and even sexy. Here are just a few suggestions to make your stay in The Fields environmentally positive:


Getting here

Wonderfruit only exists for four days and nights, so everyone has to travel to get here. Your transport choices have the most significant impact on your emissions footprint, but what can you do about it? Choose to carpool, opt for a lower-emissions vehicle, or offset your flight with carbon credits. A one-way flight from London to Bangkok generates more than 1.5 tons of carbon, but you can recover your carbon with forestry credits or green business initiatives for less than $30. You’ll still make it to The Fields in style, and the planet will be happier for it.


The getup

Getting yourself festie fabulous is as much a part of Wonderfruit as Molam Bus selfies, bath house soaks, and Solar Stage sunrises. What covers you as you navigate The Fields can leave an impression on the Wonderers around you, and the environment that surrounds. In place of plastic accessories, single-use items, or fast fashion, get involved in the markets and workshops at Wonderfruit for a look that will last. And always, always remember: glitter is litter.


Get involved 

Speaking of workshops, taking part in the activities of Wonderfruit is a guaranteed way to make a positive impact on the planet from the comfort of the pop-up city. Learn, reimagine, and wonder with upcycling, fermentation, compost, and more. 


Reduce, reuse, refill

Just like every year, plastic packaging is nowhere to be seen in The Fields. We make sure that every plate, piece of cutlery, and unavoidable single-use item is readily compostable to minimise any traces of Wonderfruit after the gates have closed. Reusable cups are the simplest, most stylish way to reduce waste at Wonderfruit, and are a long-lasting memory of your time with us. Bring your own, or pick up a stainless steel cup at the event, and live that sustainable lifestyle long into the future. 


Wonderers can discover more about what we believe, and how we encourage everyone to live their most sustainable lives, by getting familiar with our Ethos.