The Pineapple Eyes: FAQ

24 May 2023 | Wonderfruit

Welcome to The Pineapple Eyes. You’ve probably landed on this page because you have questions; well, we have answers. Read on below if you need more information about this growing community.



What is The Pineapple Eyes?


The Pineapple Eyes is a hand-selected group of people who embody and live the Wonderfruit ethos. This group comprises past collaborators, passionate and engaged Wonderers and impact-makers from within our community. It celebrates the diversity of thought, switching like-mindedness for open minds.


Why are you doing this? 


The Pineapple Eyes is a space where we will evolve, which allows for new ways of dialogue and interaction. It’s an incredible opportunity to bring this community closer to our processes. This platform will enable us to evolve Wonderfruit authentically and make a lasting impact on our planet. 


We also want The Pineapple Eyes to have special access to all things Wonderfruit, from special one-off events to live exclusive experiences at Wonderfruit and content announcements year-round. We view this group as a living organism evolving 365 days a year.


Why is this invite-only?


The Pineapple Eyes is a collection of our most engaged and aligned Wonderers, who will participate in shaping the evolution of Wonderfruit. In the future, we may open access to a broader community, but it will always be intentional and kept to a smaller scale.


How were people selected to be part of this?


The Pineapple Eyes were selected by the Wonderfruit team for their contributions to the Wonderfruit experience and ecosystem over the years. We don’t have a formulaic answer regarding this selection but we looked at each individual and their embodiment of the festival and our ethos. 


How many people are part of this group?


Currently, The Pineapple Eyes is made up of just under 1,000 creative and collaborative individuals.


Is this a marketing scheme? Do I need to pay to continue being part of this? 


No, this is a way for two-way communication and engagement between the Wonderfruit team and this group.


No payment is required; our only request is participation, feedback and collaboration.


What do I get as part of being part of The Pineapple Eyes?


An invitation to The Pineapple Eyes comes with access to exclusive content and perks, like special tickets, unreleased live sets, partner perks and more. Members will also have voting rights on concepts, new ideas and direct access to the Wonderfruit team. Special physical experiences will also be created for The Pineapple Eyes at Wonderfruit, throughout the year or beyond.


As an example, one of the things we initially offered was a special ticket to Wonderfruit 2023. If you haven’t gotten it, check your email. Note: you do not need to participate in this offer to stay in The Pineapple Eyes and we don’t expect you to either; we simply want to provide this group with special things around the year.


Is this special ticket an official sale from Wonderfruit?


It sure is. The Pineapple Eyes ticket differs slightly from our other sales windows (the Private and Public Sales). Leveraging blockchain technology allows us to engage seamlessly with this group, like gifting you 2023 festival items, as we build the future of Wonderfruit, together.


Why is The Pineapple Eyes ticket so good (compared to other sales)?


The Pineapple Eyes ticket comes with access not offered to any other Wonderfruit ticketholders. It also comes at a lower price (THB 6,000) and access to live exclusive festival experiences, a 2023 Wonder Cup and a custom The Pineapple Eyes RFID wristband.


Why is this special The Pineapple Eyes ticket linked to NFT/Blockchain? 


The Pineapple Ticket doubles as a digital art piece, which will be the first collectible of its type. Think of it as a token of participation and an indicator of our aligned values and intent to unlock future states as we evolve. The link to the blockchain is so we can flow these benefits to you seamlessly. But don’t worry if you don’t know anything about Web3; you don’t need to do anything out of the ordinary. It’s as simple as buying from your traditional e-commerce website.


I don’t know anything about digital assets, does this matter?


Not at all. The platform we’ve partnered with is easy to use, and you can pay using a credit card. You don’t need a blockchain wallet or crypto.


Do I have to pay for this ticket with crypto? Do I need a digital asset wallet? 


You only need a credit card to purchase The Pineapple Eyes ticket. You can use crypto if you’d like, but it is merely on option.


What is going to happen in the future with this group?


We intended for this group to grow alongside us and integrate into the future of Wonderfruit and Scratch First. We have a lot planned for this world well beyond The Fields, and we want our community of longtime supporters to be part of shaping that.


You talk about perks and exclusive stuff, but what exactly does that mean?


As we head into the journey to Wonderfruit 2023, we will reveal some shifts in executing the event. The Pineapple Eyes will first have access to learning about and participating in these new avenues and voting rights as to how we shape them. We’ll be peppering some more thank yous across the year, revealing more access and perks as we go. 


There’s mention on voting rights, what does that mean? 


We have a lot of exciting things going on at the Wonderfruit HQ. We’ll request feedback and insights from The Pineapple Eyes as these initiatives and ideas develop. This could involve live calls with the team, voting on preferred outcomes and much more.


How can I play my part as a member of The Pineapple Eyes?


We’d encourage you to engage actively, share your ideas and embrace your unique perspective—we want to hear all feedback, ideas and opinions. It’ll make us better and Wonderfruit a more encompassing journey for all Wonderers.