The Wonderfruit Way: How to be a good Wonderer

11 December 2023 | Wonderfruit

We are just days away from Wonderfruit 2023, and you will have noticed that our channels are flooded with practical information about How To Wonder. We hope this has been helpful in your planning and we’d like to take a minute to remind you about a couple of things before you start your journey to The Fields. 

But first, any information you might need is here:

But it’s not just about how you get to Wonderfruit or what’s happening while you’re there—it’s about how you show up as a Wonderer.


Every experience at Wonderfruit is directly impacted by each attendee; you can decide what type of memories you take away with you. We ask every Wonderer to walk through The Fields with curiosity, mindfulness and respect; for themselves, others and the nature that houses us for this short period of time.


Wonderfruit is not a party and is not designed to be. It is a celebration of culture and a fascination with deepening our relationship with mind and nature through various cultural expressions. 


Think of Wonderfruit as a marathon, not a sprint. Actually, it’s not even a race. It’s a personalized journey of exploration that creates a collective experience, and a collective energy. So pace yourself. Find moments of calm and reprieve. Stay nourished; eat well and stay hydrated. Nourish your heart in Wonderness, expand your mind at Unconditional Space and Dhyana, and find stillness at the Ancestral Forest. Explore the unknown. Observe these cultural expressions, with wonder and awe. 


Look out for one another. Respect our differences and celebrate our similarities and passion for discovery. As you collect memories at Wonderfruit, consider how you might impact the memories of others in The Fields too.


A reminder: Wonderfruit prohibits illegal drugs and doesn’t condone drunk driving. Be safe. Keep others safe. Don’t bring drugs or weapons of any kind to The Fields. 


To say that Wonderfruit is a labor of love is an understatement of the care and intention behind everything our team does. We hope every Wonderer feels this in The Fields and brings their own care and consideration to this exciting and wonder-filled journey.


We invite you to take a few minutes to read a letter from our founder:



See you very soon in The Fields.