The Wonderfruit Way 

24 November 2022 | Wonderfruit

Wonderfruit is a work of passion and love. We work hard with our hearts to create experiences that are an extension of our community from near and far as well as our values. The Fields are our deepest exploration of what culture means to us, and we ask that on your journey to discover that culture, you respect the rules of the land and show gratitude for the natural beauty our land has bestowed upon us. 


While at Wonderfruit, don’t:


  1. Remove your wristband until the festival is over, or give it to someone else.
  2. Move, deface or otherwise vandalize any structures or artwork. 
  3. Drop cigarette butts on the ground (we have ashtrays for that).
  4. Bring food or drinks from outside or camping areas onto the festival grounds. You will be searched as you exit your campsite to enter the festival grounds, and any food will be confiscated and drinking flasks will be emptied.
  5. Cook or build any fires in The Fields. 
  6. Bring any alcohol into the grounds or campsites. 
  7. Use the land as your toilet. Use a bathroom instead (they’re really nice this year). 
  8. Bring any single-use plastic to Wonderfruit. At all. 
  9. Bring any weapons, explosives or other harmful items.
  10. Bring any drones onto the site. 
  11. Harass anyone around you. 
  12. Spend all your time on your phone. (Look around you). 
  13. Climb any structures (except Solar Stage). 
  14. Use drugs or other illegal substances.


While at Wonderfruit, do:


  1. Respect the rules. If you don’t know them, use your common sense. 
  2. Explore. We’ve spent a lot of time creating experiences for you to discover. 
  3. Discover new genres, new venues and new cultures. 
  4. Have an open heart and an open mind. 
  5. Respect the people around you, their cultures, nuances and sensitivities. 
  6. Meet new people (we have 119 different nationalities coming to Wonderfruit). 
  7. Respect the environment. Recycle. Use rideshare. And refill the same cup. 
  8. Respect one another. 


Wonderfruit works best when you look beyond the surface and try to discover the what and the why behind what we do. This year, try to discover beyond what you see and explore The Fields using all your senses. 


See you in The Fields.