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Those beautiful blue water cans in The Fields? Thanks, Greenery


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19 December 2023

Last Updated

30 April 2024

While we offer free filtered drinking water from refill stations across The Fields, we also get that sometimes it’s more convenient to pick up water at the bar. So, we partnered with Greenery to offer canned water in The Fields as an alternative to refill stations.


The partnership aligns with our ethos as Greenery’s aluminum cans are CAN-renewable, meaning 100% recyclable and 75% reusable aluminum. Every recycled kilogram of aluminum slashes carbon footprint and CO2, making a stand against global warming. In their production, they also save 95% of materials, championing energy conservation and preserving precious resources.


You might have also noticed while at Wonderfruit this year that the cans got a redesign. A few months ago, we held an open call for Wonderers to submit their creative ideas to redo the look of the cans, and the selected artwork in its brilliant shades of blue and intricate lines was featured on cans at Wonderfruit 2023. Thanks to the designer and everyone who submitted: your passion and commitment to our ethos shine through each submission.