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Tidy Up for the Planet: Waste Separation Made Easy With Refill Station Bangkok


Wonder From Home


23 April 2020

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23 April 2020

Being at home means more cooking, more household items delivered, more packaging, and (unfortunately) more waste. We do all we can to reduce our dependence on single-use and plastic products, but the rules have changed on our sustainable lifestyles.


That doesn’t mean we have to give up on trying to reduce our impact on the planet during the isolation era.


Thanks to the reuse genies at Refill Station, we have some easy, handy tips to help you keep your isolation iso-stainable.


Waste Separation At Home


Food waste and scrap separation  

Start by separating wet waste first by preparing a small bucket or container near your kitchen sink, or wherever you do your cleaning up. For dry waste, keep it separate—try our home compost tips.


Wash and dry what you can

Wash food containers, single-use utensils, and rinse juice and milk cartons to prevent odors. Your clean waste might be in your house for a while between collections. Dry containers, bags, and bottles on the dish rack, or hang them up outside.


Contaminated waste

This includes hygiene products like used face masks, and other sanitary items. To help our frontline sanitation workers, correctly store and separate all used masks to reduce the risk of contamination to those we rely on in a crisis.


Separate your recyclables for collection, either by civic recycling or by private collectors. Remember that clear PET, and all coloured glass has a resale value that could make a difference to people looking in different avenues for income during the crisis.



Rubber bands, plastic bottles with lids, jars, and bags are all reusable. Use this opportunity to stock up on containers for leftovers, homemade sauces, and anything else that needs a container.


And that’s it. Think, separate, clean, and dry. Keep your eco goals in check during this uncertain time.