Top Namthips for waste reduction

13 December 2017 | Wonderfruit

Here’s how one water brand is bringing their recycling solution to The Fields, and going a step further.

It’s no secret the planet is facing massive waste issues. In Thailand we create 27 million tons of waste per year, 10% of which is plastic. It ends up in landfill or gets dumped in waterways, making Thailand the world’s fifth highest contributor to ocean waste pollution. In the face of these scary stats, Namthip aims to reduce the amount of waste that goes into the water and also help return clean water back to the ecosystem. With 35% less plastic in their packaging you can twist their bottles down to ⅕ the original size, reducing your waste. Meanwhile, they’ve also returned the clean water back to communities on an annual basis via the Raknam project, which alleviates water resource problems through sustainable water management.

At Wonderfruit, Team Namthip will be standing sentry at the Main Entrance with their magic vending machine, not only recycling your waste, but exchanging it for trees. On your way in, drop off your empty cans or bottles and for every three, they’ll plant a tree. Plus, you’ll get a sustainable souvenir as a thank you for doing your bit.