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Travel back to The Fields through sonic expressions of culture




Wednesday 5 June

Last Updated

Wednesday 5 June

Our exploration of Sound goes deeper than just DJ sets. We look for artists who tell a story, bring meaning to their performances and create connections with their audiences. Wonderfruit 2023 was filled with these kinds of performances, from the gentle melodies that awakened Solar Village each morning to the regional collectives that sent vibrations across Forbidden Fruit, and the Molam legends that celebrated culture alongside Wonderers at Molam Village.

We’ve begun sharing some performances that best represent the spirit of Wonderfruit 2023. Travel back with us and relive some of those special moments from home.

Return to the Ancestral Forest with Bottlesmoker

Nestled within the Ancestral Forest lies Forest Stage, where Indonesian duo Bottlesmoker plugged into nature to debut a unique live experience, nurturing our conversation around plant consciousness.

The duo’s performance at Wonderfruit furthers their quest to explore the intricate relationship between mind and nature. By plugging into a pineapple, they gave sentient plants a voice.

Listen back to Alex Kassian at Solar Village

Alex Kassian welcomed the first sunrise at Solar Village in 2023, and he took Wonderers on a journey that started downtempo. Slowly, he built his set out, marking a new direction for sunrise performances at the iconic venue.

Tap along to Sombat Simla at Molam Village

Sombat Simla is widely regarded as one of Thailand’s greatest khaen players, garnering the nickname ‘The God of Khaen’. Born into a family of Molam musicians in Isaan, he has been bending the notes for more than 50 years. Listen below to his Wonderfruit 2023 performance at Molam Village.

Relive Lipelis at Solar Village

A 2023 highlight for many, Lipelis welcomed the rising sun at Solar Village on Sunday morning with a vibrant and unforgettable performance. His eclectic grooves and expressive musical style sprinkled a new, colorful energy onto the sunrise experience, keeping Wonderers dancing until the early morning.

Immerse into Polygon Live with Nadav Dagon

Nadav Dagon is a dynamic electronic musician and producer, who synched a live drum show to the hypnotizing 360-degree light show during his Polygon Live performance. The experience created a sonic playground of tribal sounds, enchanting vocals, captivating rhythms and groovy bass lines.