From Tree Hour to tree-planting to TREEs

24 January 2018 | Wonderfruit

An update on Tree Hour and how you helped us plant 10,000 mangroves.

At Tree Hour – between 5pm and 7pm – on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Wonderfruit, any drinks you ordered were tallied up and we promised to plant a mangrove tree for each one. In fact, we’ve now planted 10,000 new mangroves trees in Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar and you generous Wonderers were responsible for almost half of them.

Initiatives like this are part of our commitment to being “Earth Positive” and we were really encouraged to see so many Wonderers showing their support and getting involved. Those mangrove trees will each sequester up to a tonne of CO2 over 20 years, and they also have multiple positive impacts on the local communities and biodiversity too.

We connected the Tree Hour initiative to mangroves in Thor Heyerdahl Park because it also gave us an opportunity to offer you TREE coins as a reward. TREE is a cryptocurrency backed by natural capital – in this case, the mangrove tree you planted in the climate park. Those of you who bought drinks (and therefore planted trees) during Tree Hour will be gifted TREEs as a way to say thanks for your support. Right now, Swiss FinTech company Lykke is building a special app in which you’ll be able to to hold and trade these TREEs and once the app is ready, we’ll email you the details on how to claim your TREEs. Please stay tuned.