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Welcome to The Unconditional Space: Evolving Ethos Pavilion


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Friday 8 September

Last Updated

Monday 20 November

Evolving the footprint of Ethos Pavilion, The Unconditional Space emerges as a sanctuary dedicated to the art of presence and connection. Its evolution responds to the natural growth in how we interact, and its design connects with the activities it hosts, with multidimensional and multidisciplinary programming blurring the boundaries of how we gather and share.


Visitors to The Unconditional Space will already feel familiar with the venue; it’s the same round earth amphitheater where Ethos Pavilion once lived. The team at Ab Rogers Design is returning to expand and redesign the space, which includes a bamboo roof that will provide full shelter from the sun and steps made from fire-earth bricks that offer seating and permanency to the sunken activity space.  


The program also expands to host rituals, workshops, conversations, screenings and performances by researchers and practitioners working with the arts, the body, the mind and the land. Curated by Francesca Bertolotti-Bailey, Wonderers can look forward to an incantation to harvest, a foraging walk, a talk on biological computation, an exercise in instant cooperation, a holistic healing meditation and more. 


Hidden inside The Unconditional Space will be an Oracle Den. Discover divination techniques like tarot therapy, hypnosis, herbalism and astrology in an intimate space for sharing individual and collective uncertainties. 


In this space and through its program, we will assemble mystical traditions to express the sacred and celebrate life while exploring the limitless connections between the humans and the non-human. We will engage all six senses in interactive activities, encouraging diverse perspectives and understanding of the world.


We will follow the number seven as our guiding principle throughout our journey through The Unconditional Space. There are seven chakras, seven colors in the visible spectrum and seven principles of hermetic philosophy: Mind, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Gender and Causation.


Together, Wonderers who visit The Unconditional Space will untangle how we have been conditioned to think and feel as we shift our consciousness while on a journey of ecology, art and spirituality. Join us as we explore the connection between mind and spirit and nurture solidarity among all living beings.