What is Hypothesis?

18 April 2022 | Wonderfruit

Over the last few years, Web3 emerged before our eyes and changed the way humans connect forever. The cultural relevance around the convergence of art and technology is undeniable, and for the first time in recent history, there is added value for creatives. Artists now have access to new mediums to create, share ideas and generate income, and collectors now have new opportunities to capture and consume art. 


At Wonderfruit, we want to deepen our understanding of the new world around us and evolve with the change. So we asked ourselves: how can this new technology serve our community and be a catalyst for change? Echoing our mantra in The Fields, we seek to answer this question via a project called Hypothesis


Hypothesis is a public experiment to explore how Web3 can engage culture in thoughtful ways. By merging the physical with the digital, we are redefining experiences in a way that can bring us closer together. We are bringing to life an analogue cast of thoughtfully designed and sustainably made characters in a stop motion film that tells the story of human evolution, conscious creation and our interconnected relationship with the natural world. From there, we will watch them transform into generative art, delivered as a series of NFTs before culminating with a live debut in The Fields. 


But that’s just the beginning. Hypothesis itself will evolve into a platform to create spaces for cultural exchanges and personal transformations that encourage self-discovery and a meaningful understanding of the world around us. We will continue to unpack culture by exploring art, films, music, events, and design and invite our community to question, imagine, and participate in the chain of discovery. Our space will focus on creating a more understanding world—where cultures lean into learning from one another—and looks to be a part of something much larger than ourselves while creating long-lasting change and solutions. 


At Scratch First, our focus is iteratively on creating a better future. We seek to make it interesting and fun for our community to ask more questions, create spaces for dialogue, and pivot the conversation around art, nature, and science forward. Hypothesis is a real-life experiment unravelling that tests our own hypothesis. We don’t advocate knowing the answer but rather believe in a mindful approach to discovering the way forward together—and we invite you to join us.


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