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What to eat at Wonderfruit 2023


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13 December 2023

Last Updated

19 March 2024

With only 24 hours until the gates open, we wanted to take these last moments to share some of the exciting food and drinks vendors joining us in The Fields this year.


We have more than 100 food vendors in The Fields. To whet your palate a little before you arrive and help you make a hit list of places you want to eat, we’ve compiled a list of food vendors grouped into Food Villages with their respective open times.


This year, we’ve also got some new dining options in familiar places. Theatre of Feasts opens from 9:30am — 2:00pm on Friday to Sunday for a brunch club with Bloody Mary’s. Wonder Kitchen is also open for all-day dining by Bisou from noon to midnight, and Jungle House is also taking walk-ins from noon to midnight with plates by NUDO from Ibiza.


Before we give you a taste, be sure to download the Wonder App; all vendors are listed there with their locations and operating hours, making it easier than ever to find a snack and sit somewhere in The Fields with a nourishing meal.


Keep reading for more delicious information:

Food Village 1: Wonderness

Operating hours: 8am – 6pm

Find Food Village 1 nearby Wonderness, where you’ll discover Sea’s Kombucha, Golden State Vegan, LABOON BBQ, baba eating house, Fat Beef, Qilin Coffee, Natufair Vegan & Tea House, Re-wild Cafe, Araksa, Tree Tales Cafe, Dripoly & Sweet, SoftRoll Matcha Recipe and PadThai Nirvana.


Food Village 2: Taste of Wonder

Operating hours: 2pm – 2am

In Food Village 2, you’ll find Good Roots, PLANTIFUL, Charm Jok ชามโจ๊ก, Fire Pinto, Bang Bang Burgers, Fresh Like Summer, Soft Yogurt, SARNIES, Long Malaeng Mai, ROCKS DOG. HOT DOGS, Lemonade and Co., Ohana Poke, Land of Wonder and Alice’s Pizza.


Food Village 3: near Neramit

Operating hours: 2pm – 2am

In Food Village 3, you’ll find Le Poulet Braisé, Kang Ban Phe Seafood Phad Thai, Kang Ban Phe Tom Yum Noodles, Bay fish, G.J.Lecker, CHUNN, Molly Ally, Tipsy Tuesdays, Peppina, Pollen, Ten Suns ไร้เทียมทาน 十光, PUDONGANYONG ปูดองอันยอง, Vistro, Esmery, Taco Bear and Steve Foodie.


Food Village 4: below Open Kitchen

Operating hours: 2pm – 2am

In Food Village 4, dine with Da Lena Gelateria Italiana, ThepNakorn, Cholos, Suddaeng, Magic Eater, Quickie, Vaso, Anaconda, DOSE Lemon Honey, Zafran Eatery, Coffee and Sandwich, BBQ Joint and Kad Kokoa.


Food Village 5: near Polygon Live

Operating hours: 5pm – 3am

In Food Village 5, find RYCE: The Fusion Onigiri, Black King Bar, WAGRill BBQ•STEAK, Monkey_brownies, Gravity.Popup, KO-KE-KOK-KO, Tony Panini, Calendar Bistro, Mr.Gee Chicken, Menu Proad, SOR’S SLIDERS, Thaishawarma, Susi Homemade Meals, Tamnanthai, Guten Appetit, Greenery, ZweetHerb x nikom, Bun Meat and Cheese, WAGYU RAMEN SHOGUN and Zeel Super Tea.


Food Village 6: near Cheese Shack

Operating hours: 2pm – 12am

In Food Village 6, feast on Oppa เกาหลี, Cheat Day Kebab Cheese, HOPPER, ครัวใส่ใจ and Munchie’s Oven.


Food Village 7: outside of The Quarry

Operating hours: 2pm – 12am

In Food Village 7, eat with ZEBRAZ, Spaghetti and more, Tamka Tiew, Eco Hotel, Naiton Homemade Fried Chicken, mamaison and Wow.



Operating hours: 12pm – 3am

Berlin’s Doner Kebab, The Pitmaster, Calo’s Cheesesteak and Pizza Massilia Truck.


Open Kitchen:

Operating hours: 12pm – 10pm

Pladids and Life’s Market by Pa Chan & Friends


Molam Village:


Funky Lam and Tinniyom



Operating hours: 24 hours



Wonder Kitchen

Operating hours: 12pm – 12am


Theatre of Feasts

Friday to Sunday, 9am – 2:30pm

The Brunch Lab