Witnessing The Rebirth of Wonder

16 November 2020 | Wonderfruit

2020, with all its unexpected interruptions and global disruptions, has dealt the world a very difficult hand. It’s easy to dwell on the challenges and close ourselves off to the wonder of the world, but an opportunity exists if we look outside.


We first noticed the change in March, when the city of Bangkok closed its doors, retreated inside, and encouraged isolation over interaction. We were being forced to act, to respond to drastic changes, and to consider our place in this new ecosystem.


We’ve all had to adapt.


We reflected on where we come from, and the lessons we have learned from six years of Wonderfruit. We looked for more ways to return to nature. We were reminded of forgotten details, we learned new skills, and we paid better attention to our surroundings. 


We’ve come to believe that in this moment, we are witnessing the rebirth of wonder.


But what does that mean? 


The rebirth of wonder is an opportunity to open our eyes wider than ever before to what we have to celebrate, within ourselves and out there in the world.


The rebirth of wonder is a moment we can all take part in, each playing our own unique roles to form a collective action for positive change.


It’s time to reflect, reconsider what normal means, and make sense of what we’re all going through.


That’s what Moobaan Wonder is all about. In our new village of wonder we’re welcoming everyone to revisit their roots, anchor themselves in local experiences, and open their minds to the world around us all.