Wonder From Home

Wonder From Home: stories and ideas to expand your space

26 March 2020 | Wonderfruit

Many of us are taking the next big step in taking care of ourselves and others, and staying indoors.


Some of you won’t have the ability to visit the places you would usually, like work and social spaces. Others will be working through the uncertainty, or living in places not yet affected enough to require social distancing. Wherever you are, and however you find yourself right now, we hope you are happy, hopeful, and healthy.


The Wonderfruit team is working remotely, and we’re trying to make the most of the time spent inside.


While we create distance between ourselves, we can connect in other ways. For the coming weeks, we at Wonderfruit are going to be sharing stories, tips, instructions, recipes, videos and podcasts to help you Wonder From Home. These ideas all come from the minds and souls of artists, practitioners, and contributors from Wonderfruits gone by.


We are still working to bring our December gathering to life, while managing our response to the global situation day by day. In the meantime, let’s hang out online and bring some Live. Love. and Wonder. to the places we now occupy.


We do have some Early Bird tickets remaining for anyone that wants something to look forward to right now. You can get them here.