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Wonder Market is live


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Friday 3 November

Last Updated

Monday 20 November

At Wonderfruit, our community stands at the core of everything we do. As the community grows, so do our processes and operations. We understand how important it is for Wonderers to have flexibility when planning for Wonderfruit, so we endeavored to find a way to legitimize the ticket transfer process so Wonderers could buy and resell passes without having to worry about fraudulent tickets and price gouging on third-party platforms.


As such, we’re excited to pull back the curtains on the Wonder Market, a system we’ve created to help Wonderers officially transfer ownership of a ticket to Wonderfruit 2023.


There are two parts to the Wonder Market process:


Step 1: Connect with a buyer or seller


You’ll first need to find someone interested in buying or selling a Wonderfruit 2023 ticket and negotiate the terms of the sale.


There are a lot of social groups out there for Wonderers across many platforms. Seek them out, and don’t worry too much about whether the ticket is legitimate—it will be verified during the transfer process.


Step 2: Transfer the ticket in the Wonder Market


You’ll do that by initiating the transfer within the Wonder Market on Ticketmelon, or you might already have a buyer and you’ll head directly to the Wonder Market.


It’s easy; follow the steps on the transfer process, where you’ll be asked for things like e-mail addresses and the Entrant Code of the ticket you are transferring. You can follow along below:


Important: Wonderfruit assumes no responsibility for payments, and the system operates on trust and goodwill between buyers and sellers.

Things you need to know: