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Wonder OK: Be a part of Wonderfruit’s story

1 August 2022 | Wonderfruit

An open call to contribute your personal memories in The Fields to the making of our large-scale community artwork. Send us your submissions HERE.


Submissions for the project open on 1 August and close on 15 October 2022. We are looking for entries from Wonderers that share your special memories at Wonderfruit, and interpret your own OK concept. Submissions can be delivered as videos, images and/or text. Should your submission be selected, your memories will be archived and on display in The Fields this year, and you’ll also receive something special from the artist at Wonderfruit if they are selected to become part of the visual composition of the large-scale artwork. 


The initiative is part of an ongoing collaborative art project called Wonder OK together with Thai artist Navin Rawanchaikul and his signature OK brand, for which he is internationally recognized. The series interprets the most frequently spoken or written word on the planet: OK. As in the project’s title, Navin aims to explore new meanings of OK through the Wonderfruit experience.


Navin, who splits his time between Thailand and Japan, has a colourful history of work that utilises the spirit of collaboration, and with this in mind, we’re looking to our community of Wonderers. Through this open call, we call upon past Wonderfruit attendees to share personal reflections and memories from their experiences at Wonderfruit to be interpreted into various interactive art forms that will expand into the next years. These memories will be worked into Navin’s large-scale participatory art project on display in The Fields this year and seed Wonderfruit’s visual history of ethos-driven experiences with our growing community. 


Together with our community, we look to establish a legacy through the expressions of art. Join the project, and become part of our continuing story.



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Send us your submissions HERE.