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Wonderfruit 2022: It’s a wrap


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20 January 2023

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20 November 2023

Twenty twenty two was a year built upon reflection, anticipation and excitement. The end of the pandemic set the tone for us to gather again in The Fields for five days to wonder, explore culture and celebrate connecting with one another.

This year, we got serious about more deeply exploring the relationship between mind and nature, and how that manifests as touchpoints at Wonderfruit. As we enjoy some slower days at the Wonderfruit HQ, we’ll continue to reflect while looking for new ways to creatively expand upon this relationship. At the same time, we will develop our space to improve, innovate and learn from each other in ways that make us grow as a community too.

As you enter your own slower days, the Wonderfruit team and our extended family wish you all a beautiful and loving adventure for the new year ahead until we meet again in twenty twenty three.

For now, have a look back at highlights from Wonderfruit twenty twenty two.


Welcome to Wonderfruit 2022

On Thursday, our gates officially opened for the first time in many years and Wonderers returned to the land we call home.


Thursday at Wonderfruit 2022

We welcomed our first day back in The Fields after three years with big hearts, wide arms and open minds.


Friday at Wonderfruit 2022

Friday brought so many Wonder-filled moments from The Fields centered around reuniting and reconnecting with our community.


Saturday at Wonderfruit 2022

Saturday brought a record number of Wonderers come out for a day we will never forget. We saw people reuniting, connecting, dancing, exploring and experiencing—there are no words.


Wonderfruit 2022 Aftermovie

We might be Wondering from home right now, but we’ll never forget the magic of five days in The Fields together again after so many years. Take a walk down memory lane with us and relive those inimitable moments that can only happen at Wonderfruit.