Wonderfruit 2022 Sustainability Goals

14 December 2022 | Wonderfruit

Our exploration of culture is rooted in sustainability. Since year one, we’ve been looking for ways not just to be more sustainable, but to have sustainability be our reason for being—it’s weaved into our social fabric. That means not just reducing, reusing, recycling—and offsetting what we can’t—but finding ways to grow with nature and reimagine living and building as one with the planet. We give offcuts a second life, we upcycle materials from years go by, and we transfer knowledge with our community to develop innovatively. 


Each year, we set ourselves some pretty serious sustainability goals. Here’s how we’re approaching 2022:


This year, we’re looking to divert 100% of waste from landfills. We do this by composting food waste and containers on-site and sending any and all recyclables to be recycled. Biohazard waste like toilet paper and face masks will be properly treated at a medical-grade incinerator. 


We have phased out the usage of tetra packs for our drinking water. To further enhance our percentage of recycling content from our waste, we have decided to switch to aluminum cans, where we can be certain that the materials can be cycled back to recycling facilities as raw materials. 


Promote the use of locally sourced ingredients and sustainable products. Each year, we look more inwards than the year before. We look for farmers growing food in innovative ways that are located not far from us, supporting the local economy and reducing the carbon footprint of the raw materials. 


We’re shifting our focus on farming together with those around us. We have also encouraged our partners to join us in the journey towards sustainable consumption by raising awareness of the impacts of monoculture farming on the environment and inviting like-minded vendors to join us here at Wonderfruit.


We’re redoing emissions from travel and encouraging our community to offset their carbon. Every year we will offset our carbon footprint from our operations and for our guests attending Wonderfruit and ensure that we are a carbon-neutral event. We hope to invite Wonderers to join us to become part of this movement and offset their own carbon footprint individually, where the funds raised will be donated to Mae Fah Luang Foundation under Royal Patronage (MFLF) for forest maintenance purposes at Doi Tung. Offset your journey to The Fields here


We’re growing 30,000 new trees on-site. In collaboration with SUGi, a conservation organization dedicated to increasing biodiversity through native plant rewilding projects and a local forest planting team from Baansuan Onsorn, we’re creating a pocket of forest in the middle of The Fields. The core concept of this initiative is to create an area where people and nature can coexist harmoniously.