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Wonderfruit 2023: Announcing concepts

29 August 2023 | Wonderfruit

Each year we look to deepen the exploration and bond between mind and nature. Wonderers will feel it across every touchpoint—some tangible, others ethereal. From music to experiences, gastronomy, atmosphere and environment, the threads of nature’s influence are woven carefully into the fabric of our experiences. Our humble home on Earth is called The Fields, and once a year, we gather to celebrate life through music, art, architecture and more. Our concepts are vessels of thematic inspiration and help us show the intention behind the venues and initiatives at Wonderfruit, and will soon welcome unique programming to fit their themes. 


Rather than building on our land, we build with it, and here’s a look at how some of our ideas are coming to life this year in The Fields.


1. Celebrate creation, transformation and rebirth with The Cosmic Egg


In a sacred plot of land in The Fields with water and a view of the mountain, we celebrate creation, transformation and rebirth by welcoming the mystical cosmic egg. Cracking its celestial shell means shattering our beliefs to become a more authentic version of ourselves. Join us on this journey and discover the subtle echoes of wellness in our everyday lives, present even in the most simple moments. Anchored by self-awareness, we learn to remain grounded. 


Within a new, permanent home made from earth rounds, Wonderness—a holistic sanctum at Wonderfruit—welcomes a mosaic of shared and individual pursuits. Through multidimensional wellness workshops and programs, the movement between mind and nature and the reconnection of our inner selves and the natural world emerges as an elemental force to our well-being.


Earth Rounds by Simple Architecture


2. Be present together at The Unconditional Space



A space to practice togetherness and awaken the connection between mind and spirit while nurturing solidarity amongst all living beings. Together, we will try to untangle the conditioning that shapes how we think and feel and shift our consciousness while journeying into ecology, art and spirituality.


The Unconditional Space will host will host rituals, workshops, conversations, screenings and performances by researchers and practitioners working with the arts, the body, the mind and the land.


Hidden inside The Unconditional Space will be an Oracle Den. Discover divination techniques like tarot therapy, hypnosis, herbalism and astrology in an intimate space for sharing individual and collective uncertainties.


3. The Ancestral Forest is growing up



How many people have actually seen a forest grow? The now one-year-old Miyawaki forest grows wild and free, enriching biodiversity in The Fields. Seedlings once scattered now grow into a dense chorus of saplings, embodying youthfulness and the continuum of growth on our land. And through rewilding, we deepen our relationship with nature and explore the immense knowledge and sentience of plants by watching the forest grow. 


This year, we harness the youthful verve of the forest and assign it a spirit. That energy, in turn, informs our programming—because even the natural symphony of a forest composes different melodies during different stages of life. Harmonizing with the organic sounds of nature, we welcome a Declaration of Plants with MSCTY_Studio and more performances at a new, forest-inspired stage. Beyond music, we invite you to explore conversations with horticulturists and engage in experiences that connect with the diverse languages of the botanical world.


Created with SUGi and Baan Suan Onsorn


4. Feed the wonder, nourish the mind



We love food, and we’re excited about how food can connect us to mind and nature. It’s not just about sustenance or nourishment; in fact, it’s more about ingredients, impact, creation, culture and ecology—and the evocative story behind flavors in The Fields. Seeking new ways to improve our hungry relationship with the planet, we do so with an appetite for adventure: our on-site farm thrives and rice terraces emerge like steps paving the way toward a more intimate relationship with the all-serving grain.


With a panorama of varied eating experiences, from vendors to restaurants, feasts and intimate dining experiences, we’re prioritizing festival fare aligned with our ethos, which means sustainable sourcing, fresh ingredients, traditional recipes and unique menus that challenge convention with more vegan and vegetarian plates. We welcome up-and-coming restaurants, farm-to-table food stalls and one-time pop-ups that you won’t find anywhere else, and we seek those that create positive change through the meals they make and thread culture into culinary stories they tell.


In The Fields, food becomes a celebration of life, culture and human connection—one wonderful bite at a time.


5. Soundscapes for deeper contemplation



We’ve never thought of ourselves as a music festival. We approach music as a conduit for the cultural exchange of styles and sounds meant to challenge, provoke and kindle inspiration, and we’re curious about the potency of sound and music on consciousness, exploration and contemplation.


This year, our venues—including three new ones—are finely tuned for discovery and deep listening. Through an alchemy of experiences, we look to dissolve the boundaries between art, nature and sound, and interplay them with the mind. We invite Wonderers to step away from the festival archetype and enjoy music in new ways.


Wonderfruit is best enjoyed with an open mind and awareness, and as you traverse The Fields from one venue to the next, stop and listen to the soundscapes along the way.


6. Unlock the Mind with Buddhist inspired rituals



Dhyana is a new space inviting us to ask the question: what is Mind? Created by researchers from Black Turtle and multi-disciplinary artists, we unlock the existential, spiritual and sensitising Mind. At Dhyana, we rethink meditation, contemplation and spirituality. Traditional practices and mind-opening performances blend together. Even dancing becomes an awareness practice.


Rooted in ceremonial Buddhist rituals and spirituality but delivered in the Wonderfruit way, Dhyana is inspired by the proportions and geometry of Stupas and Mandalas, an ancient technology designed to integrate, harmonize and balance universal energy.


Shaped like a temple, it mirrors the mind: limitless yet grounded. The design blends with nature, offering a peaceful place to rest. It aligns with the sun and moon for natural energy. And ecological design prioritizes well-being and light.


Architecture by Lillian Sum